Posted by: debstake | July 24, 2008

Michael Savage vs Autistic Community

mike-savage1I guess for my first blog I should chime in on the news of the day. On the 16th of July, Michael Savage; the third most listened to shock-jock in the nation called our kids (paraphrasing here) undisciplined brats. As parents we were accused of getting a bogus diagnosis for our children in order to bilk the government of money (my son gets less than $600 per month in SSI) and of services for our childrens improvement.

As a parent of a child with vaccine toxicity (a.k.a. autism) my first knee-jerk reaction was for his firing. This still seems to be the knee jerk reaction for most within the autism community. After having some time to think about it I think the best thing that will not only benefit the autistic community as a whole, but also Savage personally; is for the man to be educated about what he is so obviously ignorant to. I think with the education will automatically come his support. Can you imagine having the third most listened to shock-jock helping the autistic community? I think it would be a God send.

We can look at this sad scenario as either the potential to do some good or having the man fired. Having him fired isn’t going to change his attitude and rest assured some other station will pick him up (if not because of this then because he is a shock-jock and like it or not he is good at what he does). He will come back and with even more negative feelings than he has right now.

I say take this opportunity to work some good.


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