Posted by: debstake | July 25, 2008

Wendy Fournier addresses Savage in statement.

mike-savageWendy’s rebuttal statement can be found by clicking here. My posting of this statement here should not be construed as support of everything that Wendy has said. I think that Michael Savage does in fact have several valid points.

I have often said on my group and to others that I believe autism is being over diagnosed. And I also believe that the drug cartels are in part behind this. Thinking on how drug cartels make their money it’s not a far leap to see their heavy handiness in this. What better way to maintain a life long “customer” base then by drugging the very young. Remember it’s the drug cartels that are employing Teen Screen to enter our public schools in order to “evaluate” our children, (often without our knowledge or consent) in order to acquire that life long customer base.

However, the drug-cartels are not the only ones responsible for this over diagnosing either. Back in 2003 when California began to see a decline in autism diagnosis after the removal of thimerasol the CDC went to work inflating the diagnosis rate by helping to change the psychiatric diagnosis of autism. In early 2004 the diagnosis rate went from 1 in 250 to 1 in 166. Again, in 2007 the CDC came out with new rates of 1 in 150 after reviewing ONLY seven of the worst states for the diagnosis. Why would they over inflate the diagnosis rate deliberately? To remove the connection between vaccines and autism of course.

Michael Savage now has a website out called Savage on Autism. It can be found here. Listen to these audio clips with an open mind. I do believe he is right. And at the same time I do not condone his methods of bringing this to the attention of the nation. What I do believe is that he’s right about the over-diagnosis of many disorders, autism being just one.



  1. […] The reasons for these actions are obvious if you know how the drug cartels operate and why they would be interested in more children with autism. It is also obvious if you know what the CDC is trying to get out of over inflated. My reasoning can be found on a previous blog I wrote. That entry can be found HERE. […]

  2. John,

    I knew the ND group was inflitrating the autistic community groups but what I didn’t know was how deep they were until yesterday. I was reading a post of AutismDiva’s and she made several references to posts on EOH.

  3. Agreed Deb, and the CDC and the drug cartels have Neuroinsanity acting as their moles within the autism community.

  4. John,

    I agree with your assessment and still I think this man could be a major asset to our cause. I listened to the recordings on his “Savage on Autism” site. The comments were insensative for those of us who have children that are effected, however I don’t believe his comments were meant to the kids that are living with this that are truly effected.

    The real enemy here is the CDC and the drug cartels.


  5. If we didn’t have people like Ari Ne’eman running around giving people bogus impressions of what autism is, Savage would not have had any targets to attack. I don’t believe he ever would have made those cracks about severely autistic children, only about frauds from Neurodiversity who intentionally misrepresent what autism is.

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