Posted by: debstake | July 29, 2008

Living in PA today & what it means if autism is part of your world

Since my son was diagnosed with autism and it was discovered that vaccines were a contributing factor to it I have wanted to leave the United States. Mainly because I have lost ALL faith and trust in this government for what it not only allowed to happen but also because of the cover-up that has ensued ever since. And all though I still have no trust in this government I am a much happier citizen. Well to clarify I am a much happier Pennsylvanian.

The reason I am a happier camper is because of the passage of Autism Insurance – Act 62 of 2008. What this does that no other states insurance parity acts, bills, or laws do is force private insurance companies to pay for “approved” autism services to the tune of $36,000.00 per year until the child is 21. This law that was signed on the 9th of July at my son’s school goes into effect on the 1st of July 2009.  

Now in addition to having the STRONGEST autism insurance bill in the nation; Pennsylvania has the distinction of being the ONLY state in the country that also has (it went into effect on the 1st of July) an autism adult waiver program for individuals with autism over the age of 21.

The writing of HB1150 (later to become Act 62) was a long 15 month process. The writing was done by many to include the speaker of the house Dennis O’Brien, the chief operating officer of the Vista school, Jim Bouder, the secretary of the department of public welfare, Estelle Richman and the full support of the governor, Ed Rendell.

HB1150 wasn’t without its detractors, namely Autism Speaks. Who at the 11th hour (after promising to aid O’Brien and the autism community) decided to re-write the bill and make it insurance industry friendly and worthless to those trying to help their kids. Apparently the “medical necessity” portion of the bill was re-written so the insurance company had sole discretion as to what defined medical necessity. As we all know nothing would be proved medically necessary if left to the determination of the insurance industry.

The grassroots movement of the autistic community within the state stopped AS, Don White and the insurance industry in their respective tracks. Dennis and the community won the day. A short time after the passage of the bill Dennis O’Brien sent a letter to Bob Wright co-founder of Autism Speaks. The letter can be viewed here. Spectrum magazine did a good article on this issue. You can find that article here.

Now my personal opinion on this act is, that for those of us doing bio-medical treatments for our children this bill as it is isn’t going to do squat. However, as bio-medical treatments are proved by science to be effective in healing and recovering our children they will be much easier to get approved and added to this law since the law is already in place. It’s a matter of patience now.

So we do for JR what we can financially afford to do. We pray the special masters will execute justice for those of us who have claims so we can afford to fix the problems caused by the drug cartels and covered up by the government.


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