Posted by: debstake | July 30, 2008

Being Honest About Your Personal Stance on Vaccines

I have been anti-vaccines for about 7 years now and for the life of me I don’t understand why those who speak for us, (Jenny, NAA, TACA, Generation Rescue and the rest) the parents can honestly say they aren’t. I make no qualms about my feelings concerning vaccines, the drug cartel and particularly the government.

My question is this: IF the drug cartels would actually (and they won’t) “green the vaccines” to the specifications that we the parents of these damaged children are demanding would you all go back to vaccinating your children. If your answer is no, then by all means admit that you are anti-vaccine, because frankly, you are.

I don’t understand being politically correct when there is so much at stake. The very future of our children and the next generation of kids. Is the political correctness to appease those who call us the anti-vaccine zealots, to appease the government or the Neuodiversity crowd? Frankly I don’t care about appeasing anyone. I don’t care to have these entities as allies, not that it would ever happen anyway.

If someone would care to enlighten me and correct me I would welcome it.



  1. “Some parents with autistic children stopped vaccinating their injured child and all siblings.”

    That is us.


  2. I see your point, trust me I do, Deb. I think Pharma has gone bad, and see very little value in them now.
    However, you wanted to know why not everybody thinks just like you, and says no to all vaccines.

    There are food scares all the time – spinach, tomotoes or whatever it turns out to be – but that doesn’t stop me from eating them. It makes me seek out the ones that will be safe, because I see the benefit in the nutrition from spinach and tomatoes. I seek out organic.
    So for vaccines, I would be gun shy, but I would want to weigh benefits versus risk on each and every vaccine on the mandated schedule.

    Maybe there are some benefits from vaccines. I’d want to keep an open mind and research more to find out what those benefits are. I would re-read Stephanie Cave’s book for starters, since it has been a while.

    Honestly, I’m glad I’m not having any more kids. It’s a lot to think about, a lot to research. (Wish I had done the research the first time around.)

    There are definitely varying ideas out there.

    Some parents with autistic children still are vaccinating and think it’s ok. (I know at least one that damaged their child worse by giving flu shot.)

    Some parents with autistic children stopped vaccinating their injured child and all siblings.

    Some parents with autistic childre stopped vaccinating their injured child, but selectively vaccinate siblings.

  3. Anne,
    See that doesn’t make any sense to me. If a family already has one child with autism and we know that autism, in part is triggered by a genetic factor coupled with environment triggers to include vaccines, then why would anyone want to vaccinate their other children and run an incredible risk of having another child with autism? That makes no logical sense to me.

    Also there is the trust factor that I can’t get myself around either. The drug cartels are paying people to approve their drugs (not just vaccines) only to have many issues with many of their products because they lied in their research to get them approved in the first place. They lied about the effectiveness and SAFETY of vaccines and the government knew about it for a long time and still the agencies covered for them.

    I have been raised a Christian all my life. I was instructed in order to be a good Christian I need to forgive those who have transgressed against me and mine. I have come to a crossroads now, where forgiving is easier to give than forgetting is to do. I will never trust those responsible for this.

    My son is getting better, no thanks to drugs. I refuse to even entertain the idea of drugging either of my children. In most cases the drugs being prescribed are not only dangerous in many cases they are ineffective.


  4. I don’t know if folks would go back to vaccinating their already-damaged children, but there are a lot of folks that see the value in vaccines and want to follow a safer schedule with the toxins removed for their other children that haven’t been harmed.
    If I had a baby right now, I’d want to do more research. I might pick and choose a small subset of the vaccines, maybe polio. Not sure.

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