Posted by: debstake | August 3, 2008

Ron Paul – The Right Man for the Worst Times America Has Ever Seen

I began this post 2 days ago. I got sidetracked because I was updating my website all day yesterday. If you are interested the website can be seen here. I also think the delay occurred for another reason that I am not privy to. I received in my in box today the following: “Save The Planet? How About Saving The Republic?” You can view the article by going here. Personally I have never been a believer in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason/purpose. The delay of this post and the delivery to my inbox I believe proves the point. What Chuck Baldwin is saying in this article is what Ron Paul is all about.

To begin Ron Paul has NOT withdrawn from the presidential race. Of course most people wouldn’t know that (especially if you get your news from FOX) as most mainstream media won’t give this revolutionary man the time of day. Why? Fear is my best guess. Ron Paul symbolizes something this nation has been losing for a very long time. This didn’t start with the Bush administration it just got magnified to the point that it can’t be ignored any longer.

What Ron Paul is advocating isn’t anything new. The founding fathers wrote the thing for they knew how easy it would be to fall into the same traps as King George (notice both tyrants were named George). Our constitution was written to divide the governmental power between three branches. For those unfamiliar with them they are the Judicial (the supreme court) the legislative (congress) and the executive (the president). It is this latter one where many of our current freedom (or lack there of) issues arise under the guise of “national security”. For those interested in the actual document of the constitution click here.

For those interested in the history of George H.W. Bush (the elder) and his ties to various groups and peoples that shows a huge conflict of interest please click here. Apparently in this case the apple (being George W Bush) didn’t fall too far (not far enough some, (myself included) would say) from the tree (George H.W. Bush).

That being said it is time to return to the topic of this post. Ron Paul stats can be found here. His voting record can be found here. I believe this man is the only person to hold the presidential seat. He understands and interprets the constitution as it is meant to be. He votes based strictly on the constitution. He also believes that it is time to enact the non-interventionism that our founding fathers deemed was necessary in order for America to thrive.

Our founding fathers had a lot to say about non-interventionism. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying at his first inaugural address: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” George Washington also supported this stance. For more on the thinking of our founding fathers and how Ron Paul relies on their guidance you may want to read Dr. Paul’s book The Revolution A Manifesto which can be purchased here.

I believe now it is too late for Dr. Paul to win the presidency, all though I voted for him in the primary and plan on voting for him in the general election. Even if I have to write the man’s name in. I am sick and tired of going to the polls with the attitude that I am voting for the lesser of two evils. In my opinion this presidential election doesn’t even give us that option anymore. Our nation is headed into a downward spiral and these two other buffoons are going to make it happen all the faster.

And all though it may be too late for Dr. Paul his push for liberty has not died. I believe there is another, younger person who can and will take up his torch and we will some day see a person as president who lives by the constitution. I believe the reason Dr. Paul has his Campaign for Liberty movement (website can be found here) in the first place is to do just that. Find a successor to his cause.  

Hark! What is that I hear? The spinning in the graves our founding fathers have been doing for the past God only knows how many (but at least eight) years, is giving way to a smattering of applause. Could it be for Ron Paul and his desire to return to the constitution or for knowing the buffoon in office currently will soon be gone (and may another Bush NEVER grace the doors of the White House)?

I believe firmly that Dr Paul will do for the revival of the constitution in this century, what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,  did for the civil rights movement of the last century.

As an FYI I have a page on my website dedicated to some of Dr. Paul’s You Tube videos. You can find it here.



  1. NU,
    Paul is a reasonable and constitutional man. There is the difference. The constitution was written for all of American times, not just for the time it was written. There are avenues for amending the document. Avenues that our current president does not use because he knows these amendments would never get by congress.

    Read Dr Paul’s book that I referenced in my post and pay particular attention to pages 42 to 44 where Dr. Paul explains how the executive order is used by the president (the sitting president at any rate) to circumvent the constitution. And read about the statement that is often added by the president when he signs a bill into law. Bush is not using this vehicle as it was intended to be used. As Law professor Jonathan Turley is quoted saying: “By using signing statements to this extent, the president becomes a government unto himself.”

    That my friend is a NOT a reasonable adaptation of any ones times or world.


  2. The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.GeorgeBernardShawGeorge Bernard Shaw

  3. thank you Mr. Stimpson. I think this man or his like minded replacement are the only hope this nation has anymore. The other 2 candiates will just give us more of the same as what we have now. Frankly 8 years of this garbage is about 7.5 years too long. We need change, POSITIVE, EFFECTIVE, CONSTIUTIONAL change.

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment.

    “If you are not outraged
    You are not paying Attention!”

  4. great article on a truly great man!

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