Posted by: debstake | August 11, 2008

What Part Did Genetics Play in JR’s Autism?


rod-me-dtd-march-2006I am convinced that vaccines and the environment played very heavily into my son’s “autism”. I personally don’t even call it that anymore. I refer to it as a reactionary auto immune issue. One can not blame just one scenario on this massive epidemic that we are living with here in the United States.

To begin;  “genetic” and “epidemic” do not go together. They are an oxymoron. That being said there is most definitely, as far as JR’s situation is concerned, a genetic component to it all. My husband  and I being lifetime residents of central Pennsylvania share some common history. The most striking being we were both raised in homes that were heated by coal furnaces. Coal was then, and until probably 1995 or so the primary source of heat in my area of the state. However, the primary result of burning coal is mercury vapors. Add to it, the following; I grew up in the coal region of Pennsylvania (Trevorton in Northumberland County) in a little town where the coal mines (or at least one of them) are still in operation today. The next town over (Shamokin) also still has working (part-time now) coal mines and the dust hangs over the downtown area. I remember thinking when I was a little girl at an eye doctors office how dusty his waiting room was. The baseboard (source of heat in this case) was suppose to be white but was more gray from the dust. The dust of course was coal dust, and it was everywhere in this town.

Also add to this the fact by coincidence, that we both served our country. He in the Air Force and me in the Marines. The common similarity here is of course all the vaccines (some experimental I am sure) we got while in basic training, also known as boot camp. Also I had a mouthful of “silver” fillings in my head. Come to find out all these years later that “silver” equates to mercury by 50%. The remaining ingredients in silver fillings are silver (around 15 to 30%) tin (around 10%) , copper (anywhere from 3 to 30%  also note: often our children are high in copper levels), and zinc (around 1%).

So I would have to say if dividing out the causation it pretty much is a 50% vaccine issue, and the balance divided between the genetics and the environment. However, if these latter two play such an important role in all this; then wouldn’t it make more sense to remove as many toxins as possible from the vaccines to reduce the probability of a developmental delay? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the drug companies to spend the money to retrofit the machines necessary to make all vaccines separate and in single dose vials in order to remove the toxins completely? In the long run that is what they are going to have to do in addition to settling lawsuits filed by the families effected by all this. Honestly even if going thru the NVICP (national vaccine injury compensation program) the drug cartels are still going to be on the hook. If not in a monetary form then in the lose of trust from the general public.



  1. I agree and I have several ideas to improve the vaccination schedule. That, however is for another post. And that post has been placed as of today August 14th.

  2. Deb, I don’t call it “autism” anymore either… I call it vaccinosis. Oddly, veterinarians use that terminology, but you won’t hear a medical doctor use it (mainstream anyway).

    Besides everything you’ve said, I’d like to see the vaccine companies come up with a better way to vaccinate – some way that doesn’t require preservatives and aborted fetal cells… call me crazy…

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