Posted by: debstake | August 14, 2008

For Those Still Interested in Vaccinating How About Cleaning Up the Vaccine Schedule

I learned rather recently, that the only organ that is fully developed (and there for fully functioning) at birth, where infants are concerned is the BRAIN STEM. That’s it folks the brain stem only. Everything from the lungs to the liver are underdeveloped or not totally functioning at 100%. The liver is delayed by almost 2.5 years. And of course there are now studies that are trying to prove that the brain is developing from birth to approximately 20 years of age instead of the previously believed 4 years.

Armed with this information I don’t understand why the drug cartels haven’t amended the means in which vaccines are developed, the age at which the vaccines SHOULD begin and the individual measure of vaccine to protect withOUT damaging the children.

IF I had my wish this is what I would like to see in way of amended vaccines.

  1. No Hepatitis B vaccine.  Especially in infancy when the only way for an infant to contract Hep-B is thru the mother.
  2. Put off starting the vaccines until the age of 2.
  3. Go back to the 1983 vaccine schedule before we started to see a rise in autism and other neurological disorders.
  4. Get rid of all the vaccines that are not needed (chicken-pox comes to mind immediately).
  5. After Initial vaccines are given; blood tithers need to be done to ensure that boosters are in fact needed. I was told by one of my son’s doctors in years gone by that the entire booster program is for only a 5% sub-group of the population that the initial vaccines have no effect for. He further stated in his opinion that if the initial vaccine didn’t “take” then neither would the boosters anyway.
  6. Separate all combined vaccines (DTaP, MMR and any others that have been combined since I stopped vaccinating my children)
  7. Make the vaccine vial a single dose vial. It completely eliminates the need for all these toxic preservatives.
  8. ONLY administer one vaccine per “well child” check-up. To hell with the connivance of the doctors or parents for that matter. One vaccine per visit and one visit per month. This “connivance” reasoning is assine to begin with.
  10. Also as a parent you must remember you are the EMPLOYER of any doctor that you EMPLOY. Doctors work for us, the consumer. Stop thinking of yourselves as patients. That automatically gives the doctor higher status than you. That is NOT how it should be or how it is for MANY people who have woken up to the dangers of allopathic medicine. Myself and my family among them.

I am sure as time goes on other suggestions will come to me. OR feel free to leave your own in the comment section provided. Honestly though if I, a stay at home mom, who has a group on yahoo, a website and this little blog can come up with a safer preperation, storage, delivery method then we all know damn good and  well that the drug cartels already know about them and are too damn cheap and SCARED to follow thru with them.



  1. HM,
    To answer your question of vaccinated children with autism and the parents not believing in a connection.

    Yes, I would have to say there are parents who don’t believe in the connection. Personally, I don’t know any of them. As you can guess my thinking is in the “other” camp.

    As a parent you need to rely on that gut feeling and do what is best for your child(ren) based on that same gut feeling.

    I wish when my children were young I would have been more hesitant and questioning of all these vaccines. But I guess God’s plan was something different.


  2. Thank you! Right on. I agree 100% with your recommendations and your points below. I haven’t vaccinated my daughter because in my gut I don’t believe I am making the right decision for her. Plus, I am scared. After reading your blog and the blogs of other parents with damaged children, I am waiting and holding off until further reserach has been conducted. Thank you all for sharing your points of view. Even those who believe in vaccinating and on schedule with the CDC, thank you as well…. You too have assisted me in making my decision.

    Question: Are there parents out there who have vaccinated, their child is autistic, and they believe there is absolutely no connection between the vaccines and autism? If so, please share your thoughts. I am very curious to hear what you think. Thanks, HLM

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