Posted by: debstake | September 3, 2008

Is the Autism Rate as bad as “they” say it is?

I am the mother of a professionally (autism) diagnosed son who is 11 years old today. Over the course of the past 8 years we have come to understand this a as a vaccine reaction issue.

That being said, I believe the diagnosis rate is NOT 1 in 150. I believe (much like Michael Savage) that children are in fact being over diagnosed. And again like Savage; I believe it too, is to fatten the wallets of the drug cartels. Most parents are using pharmaceutical products in one way or another to help off set the effects of “autism”.

Also, I believe since the CDC is in bed with these drug cartels that it does in fact help the CDC by (on the surface at any rate) disassociating the vaccine link. At the very least it is STILL keeping people guessing. With more questions than answers. Which is exactly what groups like the CDC, AAP and WHO want us to be; “confused and having more questions than answers”.

Back in the summer of 05 when California came out with the first decline in autism in a decade ( it increased the possible association between vaccines and autism. In 06 the CDC came out with new averages of 1 in 166. How they came to these numbers I don’t know. However, in 07 when the CDC came out with the latest ratio of autism of 1 in 150, they came to this conclusion by doing a count of the seven WORST states for ASD diagnosis and averaged the new ratio based EXCLUSIVELY on those 7 (43 short of the what I would call a true national average) states. Again to further the disassociation of vaccines and autism.

In recent months this topic has come up with some para-professionals I know. The opinion is unanimous. Autism is not on the rise, what is passing for autism today is not what my son was diagnosed with just 8 short years ago. All though the criteria hasn’t been professionally altered, I believe the interpretation is being broadened by the professionals. The year 2000 criteria for an autism diagnosis can be found HERE. An interesting article done in 2005 can be found HERE.

I can’t be the only person within the autism community that is wondering this? However, it does appear that I am the only one voicing these feelings. I may get some flack for this from the “mainstream” autism community but frankly I don’t really care what they think about my opinions.

UPDATE: the referenced link to the California 2005 numbers is no longer available. So I am referencing the following link to Ginger Taylor’s blog Adventures in Autism:


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