Posted by: debstake | September 4, 2008

I Will Worry A Little Less….

I think like most parents who have children with a uninqness (disability if you prefer) we wonder if we are doing the right thing by that child/those children. I know I wondered a lot about this. Now, I wonder a little less. The reason can be found on the Age of Autism blog site. The author is Jake Crosby and he is a college student at Brandeis university. He also happens to have Aspergers. You can find Living with Aspergers here.

I guess what really happened to me after reading his article was the Neuro-diversity crowd just lost their grip on my heart that caused the doubt and guilt. Well, no more.

I would highly recommend everyone who has a child, particularly if that child has AS, ASD, or any other neuro issue, to read his article.



  1. Kim,
    Yeah, their (ND’s) way of thinking and they being so vocal about it, made me wonder if I was doing right by JR.

    I have been a big fan of AoA for a while now. I even submitted my (then 13 year old) daughter’s autobiographical essay on what it is to live and love with autism.


  2. Your post just blew me away. Did the ND’s have a grip on your heart? I’m Kim, I run Age of Autism. I have three girls with autism. Jake’s piece is ground breaking. And I’m so glad his writing has helped you.



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