Posted by: debstake | September 12, 2008

The Arrest and Prosecution of George W. Bush & Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney

Today in my e-mail in box I found a very interesting proposition. One that I believe would benefit Obama/Biden to no end. Or other presidential contender (think Doctor). I would love to see how fast his name would be spilling out of people’s mouths and in how many languages and dialects. Hmmmmm, interesting indeed. prosuction.

So below is the e-mail I received. Let’s see what unfolds, if anything that is. Just in case there is any doubts to the validity of this e-mail check HERE.  



Dear Deborah,

With only weeks remaining until the presidential election (and I hope, my own re-election), I wanted to share with you a few items of interest that relate to our fight for accountability for this corrupt White House.

First, I was honored to speak at the Progressive Democrats of America  (PDA) event in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. PDA does amazing work pushing forward the vital cause of impeachment.

As Vice-Chairman of the Convention, it was important to me to represent your voices not only as we nominated Barack Obama as our nominee, but also in events like this – in order to demonstrate that many Democrats are as committed as ever to holding Bush and Cheney accountable.

A short clip of my appearance at the PDA event recorded by an audience member can be found HERE.  The full video, recorded by PDA, can be found HERE (it may take a little while to download). 

At the event I made clear that it is long past time that Inherent Contempt is invoked for renegade Bush officials like Karl Rove who defy congressional subpoenas. 

I am confident that an Obama/Biden administration will respect the Constitution – but our shared hope for a good outcome in the November elections should not distract us from our constitutional obligations today.

Along these lines, the next two weeks will feature a renewed push for testimony or Inherent Contempt for Miers and Rove, as well as possible new charges of contempt against the US Attorney General, Michael Mukasey.

Recently – Joe Biden stated that the Obama administration would not shy away from investigating Bush/Cheney actions, and they would pursue action if they found them to be illegal. This is terrific news and we must encourage soon-to-be Vice President Biden to keep this promise.

Despite our work, it is clear that Impeachment will not occur before the election.  How Congress lives up to its obligations after the election is an open question. I, for one, will work with my colleagues to continue our push for accountability. 

Remember: Bush’s crimes don’t expire because another president has been elected. Cheney’s abuse of power still violate the constitution even after November 4th. We must not allow such abuses to go unanswered, regardless of how much time is left in Bush’s term.

Keep up the fight.


Robert Wexler


Paid for by “Wexler for Congress”
PO Box 810669
Boca Raton, FL 33481







  1. Who me? Or Rep Wexler? I guess you believe that Bush has done a good job as president? If so then I have a question for you. How does it feel to be in the minority?

    Bush will go down in history as the WORST president this country has ever produced. Not exactly something I would want on my resume.


  2. Wacko, conspiracy theorist!

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