Posted by: debstake | September 13, 2008

JR’s Remarkable Something


autistic-shackles1Two things happened today that proves not only JR’s abilities but his patience as well. Earlier today we received confirmation that JR is in fact reading. Not only reading but reading well beyond sight words.

Let me begin from the top. Rodney and I have suspected JR of reading for about 4 years (at least). We were not aware of how much he was reading and whether or not he comprehends what he reads. As it happened last October at school the SLP was getting materials ready for an art project. JR was paired with another student from the beginning of this school year. The other student was using, at the time, the PECS system. His PECS system however only had words on the icons (no pictures). While the SLP is sitting on the floor gathering her materials, one of the boys came over with a PECS strip that read (in words only) the sentence “I want marshmallows”. The SLP was assuming it was JR’s classmate. It was JR. Talked about shocked, after confirming what he wanted (by having him point to the bag of marshmallows laying next to her) and completing the task at hand, she called me. It proves ability and comprehension.

Tonight, the same thing occurred here at home. I have copies of DVD covers. The same professional quality used when purchasing DVD’s from the stores. I printed off some of JR’s favorites and had them lamented. Today, JR took the DVD cover for An American Tale and presented it to his father. They went back to the bedroom and JR sorted through a box that is about 8 inches square. This box has copied DVD’s in paper sleeves stored in it. The count, the last time I did it was 60 plus. So there JR is going through these DVD’s searching using only words for the DVD that matches in content the DVD cover. The burned DVD has no artwork on it to give a visual hint AND the lettering was done by my hand. Not the easiest thing to read *thank God for word processing programs*. JR found the DVD he wanted.

These 2 incidents and (according to staff at Vista) others; have confirmed not only ability but also comprehension. I told JR’s team this year that I thought this would be a break through year for him. He will begin spelling using the keyboard on his device by matching flashcard letters to the ones on the keyboard. He is also going to begin Language for Learning. Info on LfL can be found HERE. Language for Learning is also known as Science Research Associates. Science Research Associates is better known as the SRA reading program.

Rodney and I got to talking and I reminded him of the last “break through” period he had. It began after JR had masted a pill swallowing program designed by Vista staff. This mastery took a little time as staff had to go through CPR and general first aid training, first. The first thing we noticed when JR began taking his supplements in their intended delivery method; was how much improvement we saw. Apparently giving the supplements isn’t enough. They should be, as quickly as possible, be delivered in their intended state of delivery. 

So time will tell and I will be posting about it.



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