Posted by: debstake | September 15, 2008

No National Emergency Response System for Children with Autism

It just came into my e-mail from the National Autism Association (NAA). What landed in my inbox is rather disturbing. What is more disturbing is the fact that I never really gave this issue a whole lot of thought. The reason I guess, primarily is because we have been able to take the safety precautions necessary so this doesn’t become an issue. We have double keyed (requires a key on both sides) dead bolt locks. Our landlady was nice enough to have a gate installed on our otherwise enclosed front porch. A gate that we put a hasp and padlock on. Any other time JR is either by our, his families side or the side of the Vista personal. JR doesn’t dart away even if the opportunity presents itself. He used to when he was first diagnosed, and I know the potential is there still, however I can only speak to what I have knowledge of and JR is not a darter now.

According to NAA in the most recent issue of The Autism Files (a magazine according to the website: “is a long-established and leading international journal covering all aspects of autism. The Autism File provides practical information covering medical, nutritional and educational matters. It tracks and reports on research and focuses on applications today and the solutions that may be coming soon.”)  is an article that asks the question: Why isn’t there something in place for the children with autism? Why doesn’t Amber Alert or Silver Alert have something in place for our children too? I see the issue getting some legal attention possibly as well as media attention. These are good questions. I am wondering if the people running these alert programs have a good answer. Time will tell.

For the article in The Autism File entitled: The Lost Boys and Girls: How Amber and Silver Alert Systems are Forgetting America’s Children With Autism, please click HERE.


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