Posted by: debstake | September 28, 2008

Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy and how some feel about them both

jenny-mccarthy1The following was posted on that same group I mentioned in the God’s and disability post a little while back. I think it will spark a good bit of controversey for a few days. The original poster’s comments are first, followed by a breaking line. Then followed by my response. The orginial poster’s identity has been omitted for privacy reasons.



“Rescue me from this insulting view that people with autism need “rescue angels” to somehow reverse/heal/save/recover from their affliction.  My son is not damaged!  He needs education and support — not this attitude of pity, medical torture, and disrespect.  I encourage all of you to speak out against this very public portrayal of people with autism as damaged souls in need of saving.”  Thanks, L.


Being a rescue angel myself I see a need for it. Parents new to this journey need guidance. Who better than people who have personal experience in it? Even though I am working on healing JR, it is not because I think he is broke. I think his body is in pain and there for it makes everything else including learning much less important. I never try to tell people what to do. I do however note the progress JR has made to anyone who wants the information. I do believe that education is as important, however, I also know that when one is in physical pain learning is not a very easy to do.

The Vista program would not be near as effective without the bio-medical that we are doing with JR. When I say bio-medicals I am referring exclusively to supplements  of the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids kind. The very nutrients that most of the U.S. population is lacking in to begin with. I don’t think this is disrespectful of or to my son. He understands that his body needs these. An example of this: about 2 years ago we ran out of, for approximately 2 weeks, his MT Promoter II. This supplement is a series of amino acids (anyone wanting to know the details may e-mail me off list) that our children have difficulty making on their own. JR fell apart, it was sad to watch and I vowed it would never happen again. It was very reminiscent of when he first was diagnosed. After getting back on the MT Promoter things righted themselves again. Prior to this incident he would occasionally give me a hard time about taking his supplements. Since then there have been no issues. I can also say that the supplements have benefited him greatly in his academics and behavioral issues (of which there are no more).

I understand what you mean by medical torture L and I agree with you on this point. Some parents will put their child through just about anything in the hope of “curing” them. I think all of us have to “draw the line in the sand” at some point. Rodney and I have drawn ours. Supplements are fine, drug cartel products we stay as far away from as possible. He takes nystantin for yeast and that is all he takes. No OCT medications either. You all know I have issues with drug cartel products and the lack of trust about them.

I do not necessarily agree with everything that comes forth from Jenny McCarthy. I do not believe “greening vaccines” is going to a damn bit of good. I don’t believe the drug cartels, the FDA or the CDC are even remotely interested in greening vaccines. They are interested in green all right but only the kind that buys things. What they would have to do in order to fix the vaccines would be costly and still present other problems for shipments to third world countries. It could be done but the expense would be substantial. Their goal is but one: MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE.


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