Posted by: debstake | September 28, 2008

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program…and Why My Family Is Involved

To begin, a definition of the NVICP can be found HERE. Personally I don’t agree with this law, it lets the drug cartels off the hook for their irresponsible actions and their defective products. That being said it is the only course available to anyone who wishes financial compensation for vaccine injuries. If however, after three years of waiting (we’ve been waiting for seven years in November) you opt out of the VICP you can go after the drug cartels via the regular courts for compensation. We have stayed with the attorneys who took JR’s claim on seven years ago. And hopefully verdicts will be forth coming. The time line according to some is by years end. I don’t think it’s going to happen this quickly but who knows.

Some people have asked me why we are suing to begin with. It’s a fair question with a lot of answers. The first justice. I know the odds of receiving real justice, as in jail time for those responsible ALL of those responsible is a pipe dream at best. And all though financial justice won’t do a damn thing to the drug cartels in any way, it will help my family immensely. JR’s supplements are not cheap, neither is his care in general. He is pretty expensive in so far as replacing things that either by accident or while in a meltdown have been destroyed. Then there are other treatments that we wish to try for him but just can’t afford to do. The primary is HBOT. There are tests that I feel need to be done as well and of course there is no MONEY.

Another reason is JR’s sister, Samantha. Since the age of 6 Sam has been getting shafted because of the issues that JR must face. Especially in the beginning it was bad. Sam put up with a lot more than most six years old had to then. Individuals invading our home as therapists for JR. Our focus being so much on him that I feared of forever losing her (a fear btw, that thankfully never came to pass. Just the opposite in fact). The childhood she had to forfeit because of autism should be compensated for. She should get something out of this. I think four years at the best culinary arts school paid for so she doesn’t have to work unless she wants to is a fair price. And a little something to get her career started too.

Rodney and I have rented our residences for our entire marriage and never owned a home of any kind. I would like to buy some land and put a home on it. Pre-fab will be fine. A triple wide mobile home will do us perfect. We’re getting older now (I just turned 47 and Rodney will be 50 soon) and a big home just isn’t in the picture now.

I would also like to be able to make charitable donations. First to the Vista school for the residential building fund and then to our church for all the help (financial, spiritual and fellowship), they have extended to us. Also to a program here in Carlisle for the homeless community.

Will my wish list become a reality? Only time will tell and I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, however, in the event they do we are seriously considering how to handle it all with these economic times that are facing us. Putting money in the stock market seems foolish these days, as does putting it in a financial institution. i do hope that the special masters in charge of hearing and ruling on the 4,900 cases within “vaccine court” remember the TRUE and HONEST victims in all this and let them be the reason they rule.

And yes I want funding to help all children with autism. But when it comes down to the bare bones of it, my family should, does and must come first. I think I do a lot now for the autism community with this blog, my website and my group on yahoo. Add to it that I am also a rescue angel via Generation Rescue. And without trying to toot my own horn, there are many within the autism community that are ONLY focused on their own family members and do nothing for the autism community as a whole. They are as guilty of not being able to see the “big picture” as those they criticize for the same flaw. That, however is a post for another time.



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