Posted by: debstake | September 29, 2008

The Next Generation

To begin with I am not trying to make people feel guilty. I am however trying to make people aware of the problem that not all families who have a child(ren) with autism seem to be aware of and that is the next generation. Either they are unaware or don’t care because of the demand this generation puts on them and  their family members.

I have been in this war on autism since 2001 when I realized that this isn’t really autism at all. Since that time I have been a proponent of making people aware of what autism really is, what the triggers are of autism, and I mean all the triggers, and what we as citizens of a supposedly free society can do to correct these issues. Over the course of these past 7 years I have developed, moderate and own a group on yahoo known as Autism_and_Vaccinations, I had a website formerly known as Delp’s Hope Page. The website name is now Autism-Hope. And just recently (July) I started this blog. I do this in addition to taking care of my own.

And yet there are still those within the autism community who do nothing other than tending to their own. These are people who are so wrapped up in their own child’s needs (and I do understand that your child, my child must come first) that they are not seeing what is so obvious to someone who is paying attention. We all know there are many children with a diagnosis of autism. Whether the diagnosis is accurate isn’t the point of the blog entry today. What is the point is we have an ENTIRE generation of children affected by autism. That is a scary thought when you look at the big picture. A picture some are refusing to see or haven’t even thought about yet.

The majority of the children with autism have siblings as well, with or without a diagnosis of anything. If these siblings opt to have children some day and with the genetic link that is present in autism and they have say 2 children. There is a fifty-fifty chance that one child will be diagnosed with some form of autism. If the oldest child is diagnosed you can increase the fifty percent to 65 percent that the second child will also be diagnosed with some form of autism. Now that is just one sibling of the current generation of children with an AS diagnosis. If there are more siblings to the current child in this generation and they have children you can see how quickly those numbers are going to climb. And this rough estimate does not include the cousins of our children. The numbers could climb exponentially.

Based on that scenario alone I would think that those doing nothing to correct this problem would get up and start a war dance or something. Not so, for I have used that scenario countless times over the years concerning this very issue. And the response I get, if I get one at all is: “I need to worry about my child”, or “if I got involved with the causes I would get so mad”. In my opinion maybe if we got enough people together who would get that mad more would be accomplished with a lot less pussy footing around.

There are so many ways to become involved where autism is concerned that it just makes me shake my head in wonder that more are not doing more. Say what you want about Jenny McCarthy, (and personally I don’t care for this “green the vaccine” vein and I also don’t like this “Mother Warrior” campaign either. I know many fathers who are just as big in the warrior department as are the mothers) she has lit a fire among many within the autism community. People who prior to her coming on board were sitting on the side lines doing nothing but tending to their own. So like Jenny or don’t she is doing what she set out to do. Making people aware of what is going on and because of that getting more people within the autism community more active.

Things are shifting to be sure, but more need to become involved and do more so that our children when adults don’t have to continue to live this life with their own children, the next generation.


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