Posted by: debstake | October 11, 2008

Georgia Supreme Court backs vaccine suit in autism case

It appears that Georgia truly does understand the “spirit” of a law as opposed to “the letter of the law”. For an excellent explaination of the differences between the two please go HERE.

I find the fact that the Polling family is also from Georgia a tad bit ironic. To refresh the memory; back in March of this year news broke that the federal department of Health and Human Services (HHS) did indeed find causation concerning vaccines and their reaction to a now 9 (probably 10 now) year old girl who had an underlying midocrondrial disfunction (and disfunction that some claim 80% of “autistic” children suffer with). So before her case could even be heard in vaccine court it was settled.

What I find down right humorous and a tad bit of poetic justice (IF any form of justice really exists) is the CDC’s main offices are located in Atlanta as well. Talk about evening the score. I find this too funny :D!!! The article that is going to put vaccine litigation on its ear can be found HERE.

If you go over to AoA (age of autism) you will see that Kent Heckenlively, Esq has written a piece on this topic. It’s called: Flash of Hope – Why the Georgia Supreme Court Case is Important. (American Home Products Corp. v. Ferrari). If Kent is correct this could open the door for those of us living in states like Pennslyvania (where this kind of trial was denied). To read the article click HERE.


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