Posted by: debstake | October 20, 2008

NeuroDiversity Folks

I personally don’t really follow (anymore) what the neurodiversity folks are saying about anything. However, there was time, and not that long ago, when they were in fact influencing my thinking on the treatments we use for JR. Influencing to the degree that I was wondering if what we are doing to heal JR was the right thing to be doing. Those days are over now. However, on the Autism Living forum where I have been spending my days since removing my yahoo group, the topic of the Neurodiversity community has been raised. The answers by some have been educational and by others just down right rude. My input on this issue follows:

“For starters I don’t like the word “curing”. It does make autism sound like some dreadful disease (i.e. cancer). I do NOT consider my son’s autism dreadful in anyway and I certainly don’t consider him diseased either. At one time I did, think of autism as dreadful, I will admit that. But looking back at how far he’s come and in unison how far he has brought us his parents and sister I can no longer say that autism is dreadful any longer. The experiences we have gained and the lessons we have learned from this incredibly intelligent and loving little (ok not so little anymore ) boy I wouldn’t trade for anything.

All that being said, I do believe that autism (or more accurately vaccine reaction) is a physical and medical condition that impedes the ability to function in a “typical” fashion. That being the case I believe that as parents and caregivers of these unique souls it is our duty to relieve as much as possible, the physical pain that our children suffer with on a daily basis. A physical pain that does imped their ability to function and learn.

And here is another thought to ponder, one that I haven’t seen mentioned here so far. What is the long term effects of these toxic loads our kids are living with if we do nothing to relieve it? We all know that mercury in any form is a neurotoxin and that it not only settles into the organs but also the brains of our children. Formaldehyde is a know cancer causing agent. It is also a key preservative in vaccines. Add all these neurotoxic preservatives that are in vaccines and I think it’s almost a neglect issue if, as parents we do nothing but sit…….and do nothing.

Just my 2 cents..”


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