Posted by: debstake | October 26, 2008

Are Vaccinations Recommended or Mandated?

If you were to ask Joe Blow on the street I would bet most would say mandated, required by law. However, the truth of the matter is the CDC only recommends the vaccine schedule. The federal government by the constitution is not ALLOWED to mandate or require vaccinations. This is due to personal liberty issues in my opinion. So the issue of whether Obama would approve a selective vaccine schedule is a moot point.

That is a very important distinction. So what is all the fuss about exemptions from vaccines? Because on the state level is where the vaccines are mandated. An example of this is right here in Pennsylvania § 23.83. Immunization requirements. As you can see the state has requirements of vaccinations. However, Pennsylvania like most states also have exemptions to those vaccines. § 23.84. Exemption from immunization. Now all 49 other states have the medical exemptions. And all but two states have religious exemptions. Of the 50 states 12 (I believe) have what is known as a philosophical exemption. Required vaccinations are a state matter. So changes need to be made on the state level not the federal level.

So why is it that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is so rabid about making sure our children are vaccinated. If you think “rabid” is to strong of a word check HERE. No where else have I seen any physician’s bill of rights except the AAP. And even then only where the vaccine issue presents itself.  Might it have something to do with parents getting wise and questioning the need for all these vaccines? OR is the AAP trying to protect is revenue stream from the doctors. If doctors aren’t vaccinating and making money then they aren’t paying their “union dues” either.

It’s obvious that the AAP is getting frustrated BECAUSE parents are doing their own research, not trusting what the doctor is saying and questioning at length the effects of vaccines. Because most doctors can’t devote more than 15 minutes to a well child an oxymoron if I ever heard; considering all they are for is vaccinations; they don’t have time to spend with parents who have a multitude of questions. So the AAP devised what they call “The Vaccine Management Bill of Rights: a pediatricians bill of rights”. Which in my mind is not only unconstitutional but also goes against the hippocratic oath. For an understanding of the original oath go HERE.

Unless people educate themselves they will not learn of the dangers of vaccines, they will not learn of the recommended vs mandated wording and they won’t be able to retain what little personal freedoms they do have left. Personal medical freedoms that I fear this socialized medicine that Obama is recommending will strip the citizens of America of their personal choices. It will thrust upon the citizens of this once great country unwanted, unneeded and unnecessary vaccinations. When that day comes my family and I will have little choice left but to leave.


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