Posted by: debstake | November 11, 2008

Getting Insurance to Cover Autism Services

I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention an excellently written piece on how to get autism services covered no matter what state you reside in. Holly Bortfeld, a very intelligent and lovely woman that I had the privilege of breaking bread with about 3 years ago; has written a very comprehensive and long article on this issue. If you go HERE you will find the piece. If you go HERE you will find a downloadable PDF file for printing. I find this information very valuable.

It really irritates me that we as parents have to struggle and fight so hard to get anything covered. No family should have to fight the systems that are supposedly designed to help our children. Whether it be insurance, medical or education. I have come to the painful conclusion that the only thing that interests these entities is money. I have seen it time and again. It became very apparent when we came to the realization that the vaccine program is all about money. Making as much of it as possible no matter what the cost is to individuals. It also became equally apparent that the educational systems primary concern is the bottom line. “They” don’t care one wit about an appropriate education if it’s going to eat into their budget. They would rather waste the money on football teams than help a child in need.

The bible states that the love of money is the root to all evil. I for one believe that to be exactly the case. I also see it as the reason why we have so many sick and dying individuals in the greatest country in the world. The same country that spends billions of dollars on health care but has what is fast becoming the worst health care system on the planet.


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