Posted by: debstake | December 4, 2008

The Military and Autism

Over on the Huffington Post site David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm, has written a post entitled The Pentagon – A Voice of Reason on Vaccines and Autism? In this post he asserts the following:

“Autism and the military have a deep history together. Children of service members are reportedly almost twice as likely to have autism (1-in-88) than those in the general population (1-in-150). Meanwhile, the Department of Defense quietly spends millions in taxpayer dollars researching the possible causes of autism at far-from-the-spotlight centers around the country.”

Speaking as a mother of a son with autism AND a former Marine I can attest that what David says has a great deal of truth to it. For someone who has never been in the military it may seem a confusing connection. So, I am here to tell you what that connection is. While in boot camp I went through various physicals and at every one of them I received some kind of vaccine. My husband was in the Air Force as well and received many more vaccines than I did as he was in much longer than I was. I am certain some of these vaccines were experimental as well. Refusal of vaccines meant an automatic dishonorable discharge. I don’t know if that policy has changed, but I highly doubt it. I touched on this topic in a previous post and it doesn’t surprise me a bit that the percentage of children with autism born into military families is higher than the national average. And equally, it doesn’t surprise me one wit that everyone (in power) wants to brush this under the rug.

I went into the  military because I thought it was the right thing to do and at the time I would have recommended it for anyone. No one in my immediate (adoptive) family served in the military and I am the only child in my adoptive family with a child diagnosed with autism. I had a brother who suffered a broken back in a car accident, another brother who was almost killed in a motorcycle accident and a third brother who was a father at a young age. My father during WWII was a young father as well, however he and my mom both did their bit for the war effort here at home. My dad worked in a factory that produced parachute silks and my mom worked in a dress making factory that was making military uniforms. I had several uncles who served in the military, one as a foot solider fighting the Germans, another as a bomber servings in the pacific theater. My family came from a long line of  patriots who loved this country. In my biological family (my eldest sister Kathy found me on facebook last May) I have a sister who has a daughter with autism. And again the UGLY military connection comes to bare. She and her daughter’s father were also in the military!! Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so…I am a very logical thinker and I simply don’t believe in coincidences. I believe it is this military service that set up our children for the “pre-disposition” reaction to vaccines.

My husband was an MP in the air force and specialized in training military dogs for drug and bomb sniffing. He and his older brother became interested in military service after 3 years of being in the civil air patrol. Part of that job entailed search and rescues. My brother in law serviced in the army in a paratrooper division.  My father in law served in the Navy during the Korean war. And Rodney had several uncles who also served their country.  In the grand scheme of the military we were all simply just cogs.

The handling of the autism crisis in this country is shameful and I for one would never EVER serve this country again after its dismal treatment of this generation of children. It never ceases to surprise me how badly this country treats it’s most needy. I am to the point now that I am ashamed to be an American and equally disgusted with this country. My faith that this nation will do the right thing by our children is almost gone. I hold a small sliver of hope but it’s getting smaller with each passing day.

JR’s issues are many and extensive. His biggest issue has been communication. His lack of speech led to many aggressive behavior issues. This has been addressed via the Dynavox computer system. Other issues stem from the physical effects of poisonous vaccines. He has gut issues with overgrowth of yeast. He can’t have sugar (not a bad thing mind you) or starches (starches convert to sugar) because yeast feeds on sugar. His ability to focus was dismal to say the least. There have been many other issues through out the years and most thankfully have been addressed or minimized via the supplements he is on.

I have a great deal of emotion where autism is concerned. Sometimes though it isn’t very positive. However, when I look at my son and see the progress he’s made despite the best efforts of the “establishment” (pick one, medical, educational, government) I know that hope still lives in me. Why else would I be doing what I do? The supplements are expensive, the thoughts put to this blog are dangerous (for me), the school JR is in, is ranked number 3 in the nation for autism support and education. One reason, (without tooting my own horn) is because I would settle for nothing less then the best for him. It’s bad enough the government did this to my son, now they will pay for their indifference. In many, many ways, they will pay.


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