Posted by: debstake | December 4, 2008

Unions: The downfall of the American Economy

There was a time when the need for unions in America was a legitimate issue. Workers, especially children needed protection from managements. However, now there are federal and state laws that protect the rights of individual workers.

Today, unions do nothing more than threaten management with strikes for workers who make way more than non-union workers do. Currently the UAW (united auto workers) make (with benefits) a whopping $70.00 an hour. That’s right $70.00 an hour. For proof go HERE. Then scroll down to the topic that reads: “Overpaid workers”.

Teachers if represented by a union (Pennsylvania is one of only 12 states that still allows teachers unions) make with benefits: anywhere from $84,612 down to $63,158. Confirmation can be found HERE. Now when it comes to teachers I have no issue with their salaries. My issue comes in the fact that they expect the tax payers to pay for their benefits as well. I don’t know about anyone else but our medical benefits come out my husband’s paycheck every week. To the tune of $45.00 per WEEK. Add to that the fact that my husband makes roughly $30,000.00 a year and it’s really easy to see why someone would get pissed about this. No one pays this for us and I don’t see why I should have to pay anyone Else’s benefits.

The teamster’s union is another one that gouges and companies like Yellow, ABF and Roadway may very well be closing their doors in part because of it. Schneider a non-union trucking company may be one of the few that can weather this economic hurricane that is fast approaching.

Textile unions, oh that’s right there is no more textile unions. Why? because all our clothes are now made in other countries where unions don’t exist. And why is that do you think? Because the unions drove these companies out of this country.

Union workers say a union gives them job security. Really? the UAW union is planning on releasing some 35,000 employees over the course of the next three years.

I think one of the best economic thing that president-elect Obama can do to re-balance our economy (aside from bringing our military troops home) is to dissolve and outlaw ALL unions across the entire country. Maybe then manufactures will have incentive to return to America with their companies and we can put people back to work.



  1. @duh here is the problem with unions. It has you convinced that 70k is “pitiful”. 70K is a shit load of money. Unless you are doing something specialized that requires tons of training and brainpower 70K is overpaying. Unions have people convinced that jobs any moron can do warrant a huge paycheck. THAT is why the jobs have moved overseas.

  2. ” No that was congress nafta, free trade no protectionism etc.”

    why do you suppose there would be incentive to make things in other places?

    oh yeah because they don’t have to overpay fat useless union lard asses to do mindless tasks over there.

    get your head out of the sand

  3. Duh,
    Cute, very cute! 🙂

  4. First off let me say with the utmost respect: You’re a sucker. Way to fall right into line with class warfare and blame it all on the workers.

    Yeah unions are the downfall of America! What a joke.

    Yes it was unions who gave bailouts to wall street in the tune of BILLIONS of dollars!
    It’s unions that hasn’t FIXED the situation which led to the bailouts in the first place.
    It’s Unions which led us into a pointless war in Iraq where we have dumped TRILLIONS!
    It’s Unions who give huge billion dollar tax breaks(or pay no income tax at all) to multi billion dollar corporations while you pay your income tax on your pitiful 70k.
    Its unions that were responsible for shipping all our good jobs overseas right? No that was congress nafta, free trade no protectionism etc.

    And since there’ a lot of autism talk on here I’ll say this outright. Yes that’s all sarcasm above.

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