Posted by: debstake | December 29, 2008

Two Movies Based on WW2…Released during holiday Season…WHY?

valkyrie-poster3The first is Valkrie. The story of Valkrie is about a group of German Officers set to kill Adolph Hitler. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (played by Tom Cruise) is the leader of this group of men. Now I grant you the connection of this movie to the Christmas season is a little murky. However, this next one is much clearer to making the connection. The movie’s title is Defiance. This story too is based on events that occurred during World War II. The story is very obscure and not well known. This shall change shortly though. My husband accidentally tripped on the book in our local public library.

the-bielski-brothers-book-coverThe name of the book is: The Bielski Brothers.  A Cliff-Notes version of the story can be found HERE.

defiance-posterDefiance, reminds me of the humane aspects of every war. Yes, there are human aspects to every war. Remember  the-hiding-place1 The Hiding Place? Did you ever see the movie? If not do yourself a favor. Borrow them both. The book is fantastic and the movie mirrors (most of the time) the book. Another good (I think great) movie is of course  schindlers-list-dvdcoverSchindler’s List.  The book that laid the foundation and most of the material for the movie is called Schindler’s Ark.  schindler-ark


There are other wars where humanity in small doses have peppered there wars. A perfect example is the bronze statue outside the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg PA. About a 45 minute drive from where I live. The statue depicts a confederate solider giving aid and comfort in the form of a drink to a northern solider. In the middle of the battle field. The statue is called:  moment-of-mercy  “Moment of Mercy”. A press release explaining the statue can be found HERE.


I find it very important that we remind ourselves occasionally of what we are capable of. For years we have been told about “good old American Ingenuity” and what we are capable of because of it. Medical advances, educational improvements, military leaps. Some where along the way we loose sight of what it is to be human. The first question we MUST always ask is: “just because we can, does that mean we should?”


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