Posted by: debstake | January 5, 2009

Jett Travolta – The Controversy

jett-l-and-john-travolta1It is a tragic incident when a child dies no matter how it happened or the age of the child. Tragic is the only word that can be used. My prayers for Jett’s soul and to his family. This tragedy is EVERY parents worst nightmare. It is not natural that a parent should bury their child. Never has been.

It has been reported via the major news outlets that Jett had a seizure of some kind. He also hit his head in the bathroom. What is not known is weather the seizure caused him to hit his head or the other way around. Speculation is flying also (and has been for many years) that Jett was also autistic as opposed to having Kawasaki disease which is what John and Kelly have maintained since Jett was two. At this point I don’t think the issue should be weather or not Jett had autism. The issue should be, should always be the family that is left behind and the soul of the child.

Over the past few days the Travolta’s have been crucified in the press and by many people voicing their opinions. Opinions that for the most part are based on ignorance (lack of knowledge). Some are even hoping these events will end the Christian Scientology movement. An example of such thoughts:


“6. How curious the attorney is releasing a new statement after each new issue arises…he’s had plenty of time to get his “story” straight too. Its all hooey and nonsense…you have a kid who wasn’t on RX medications, two nannie/mannies partying thinking he’s sleeping for 16 hours, parents that dont go to bed until 5a.m., and all the ingredients of a tragedy in the making.

Now spin it doctors, spin it…save Travolta and Cruises Careers because their “church” needs their revenue stream.

May this please be the end of Scientology as the “place to be” for the rich and famous…or better yet, send them all there and let the figure out its all nonsense—only spare them the personal tragedy please. Its not fair to their children.

Obama better distance himself from these Kooks real fast, no matter how much money they have given to him.

Travoltas career and name is done…I dont know what well wishers across the World the attorney is speaking of, all stories are pointing to a cover up, dereliction of duty and strange parenting techniques as the story.

Posted at 12:44PM on Jan 4th 2009 by Jack S.


That being the case I would be treading very lightly on those wishes if I were this poster for he may get exactly what he wishes for.  This is how it begins. The ending of one religion because it isn’t understood, people are afraid of it, or just plain ignorance. Before long it will be Judaism (remember the Holocaust?), Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.

The latest news is that Jett was on anti-seizure medication. The med is known as depakote and among other things it is used for seizures. The article referencing the drug can be found HERE. Depakote is used also for bio-polar and migrains, and Epilespy. IF Jett did have Autism and IF their religious beliefs kept them from getting a diagnosis then it is rather obvious to me that the Scientology all though they don’t believe in mental health as a field of medicine, they certainly do follow the DSM for definations of what mental health issues are. Autism is NOT a mental health issue. Anyone who has a child with autism knows this. Autism is physical and bio-chemical causes symptoms that often mirror mental health issues.

L.Ron Hubbard Sr has this to say about mental health issues: the individual suffering from mental health problems are: “degraded being that brought his affliction onto himself.” Reference can be found HERE. For a more indepth interview with L.Ron Hubbard Jr go HERE.

Travolta himself is being criticized for comments he made after the Virgina Tech shooting. I made those same comments. What does that make me? A scientologist? Hardly, it makes me aware and informed. And all .that takes is someone who cares enough to pay attention.

Travolta’s Quote:

“I still think that if you analyze most of the school shootings, it is not gun control. It is [psychotropic] drugs at the bottom of it. I don’t want to create controversy; I just have an opinion on things, and there is nothing wrong with stating your opinion if you are asked.”

Those criticizing Travolta are of the ignorant (lack of knowledge) masses I spoke of above. Knowing how the drug companies operate and knowing about how Teen Screen operates makes me a individual in thinking akin to both John Travolta AND Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise’s conversation with Matt Lauder of NBC’s Today Show can be found HERE.

Another person who has the same thinking wrote a blog about the Virgina Tech, Columbine and other school shootings. His entry can be found HERE.

This blog could be ongoing for days with the news being reported. Apparently Joey Travolta (John’s brother) has suspected Jett of having autism. The article can be found HERE. In  my opinion the church of Scientology is pretty heavy in the blame department on this issue. To begin they see autism as a psychiatric disorder. It’s obvious the leaders of the church never studied it and took the word of the very practice in medicine that they abhor; as gospel. Anyone who has an autistic child knows that autism is not a mental issue but a physical one from various environmental insults to include (but not limited to) vaccines.

To find out how the leaders of the Scientology church will “handle” this situation go HERE. Some countries believe Scientology to be so dangerous that they are attempting to outlaw it. Check HERE for an example of it.

As a side note: this is not the first tragedy that John has suffered. No mention of this has been made yet. However, Travolta was involved with his co-star in the movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Her name was Diana Hyland and she played his mother (she was 18 years older than he). More info can be found HERE.


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