Posted by: debstake | January 6, 2009

Don’t Go Borrowing Trouble……but


My father used to say: “don’t go borrowing trouble; trouble has a tendency to find you all on its own”. However being a mother of an 11 year old son who has autism the prospect of adolescence/puberty is one that makes me pause. Especially in light of the Jett Travolta news. All though Jett wasn’t diagnosed with autism I have it on very good authority that Kelly Preston had in fact contacted a doctor who was treating autistic children in Florida. Whether Jett was autistic really isn’t the point I guess. The family opted not to get him diagnosed for personal reasons and I will not sit in judgment of their decision.

The real point that has been going through my mind is what would happen to my life if something like this happened to either of my children. I am particularly concerned about my son. The chance of seizures developing in children with autism is anywhere between 25 to 40 percent (depending on the source). If the child had acquired language and then lost it the percentage is even higher. Case in point can be found HERE, and HERE.  The following came from the first link: “Interestingly, vitamin B6 with magnesium as well as dimethylglycine (DMG) are known to reduce or eliminate seizure activity in some individuals, even in cases where seizure drugs are ineffective.” JR is in fact on the B6/magnesium via Kirkman Labs Super-Nu-Thera (the link is to the specific Super-Nu_Thera that JR is on). And I am seriously considering adding the DMG to the line up.  The “staring off into space” symptom is something that JR used to do when he was younger and I was concerned then that he was having a seizure. I was “assured” that wasn’t the case but unless a 24 to 48 hour EEG how can there be any certainty of it? These statistics scare the shit out of me. The staring off into space stopped after JR mastered the pill swallowing protocol at his school and was able to take his supplements in the method they were intended to be delivered. UPDATE: After a conversation with Larry Newman (head R&D man at Kirkman Labs) I discovered that B6/Magnesium and TAURINE is the combination needed to ward off seizures using supplements. I remember right around the time JR had mastered pill swallowing I decided to add some new supplements after hearing about them and researching them. Taurine was one of those supplements. I feel much better now about the uncertain future after talking with Larry.

I am very active and supportive of bio-medical therapies for our son and God knows he’s healthier than most kids with or without autism. The supplements work of that I have no doubt. Because of my being on top of things friends have told me that if seizures become part of life for us we will weather it fine. I would love to think that is the case. But I pause still that I have the knowledge/skills to fight this possible monster. There are natural alternatives to allopathic medicines. I would prefer the former primarily because of the side effect issues associated with the latter. For anyone interested in natural alternatives go to google and type in the search box “natural supplements for seizures”.

I pray to God every single day that he keeps my children/family safe. I Pray he’s hearing me.

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