Posted by: debstake | January 8, 2009

Forgiving Transgressors….It’s a Tough Job

pharmaceutical-companies   I am a Christian. I was raised Catholic going to Catholic school and the whole bit. I am no longer a practicing Catholic for very personal reasons. I am however,  a Christian. One of the big tenants of Christianity is forgiving our transgressors. The command is found in the Lords Prayer (trespasses and those who sin against us are used as well). Transgressor definition can be found HERE.

The reason for this blog entry? To bring into the limelight what transgressions the drug cartels, the CDC, the FDA, the AAP, the AMA  have  caused on so many. The autistic community being only one. Remember the Vioxx scandal? Remember the reputation of the FDA after the Vioxx scandal? What about the vaccines that were tainted with the HIV virus that Bayer shipped overseas to Japan, France, Spain and other countries? These are just three of thousands. possibly hundreds of thousands incidents where the drug cartels are getting away with murder, literally getting away with murder. How else can it be defined? The doctors are paid to prescribe these drugs. They are even paid to do trials with their employers (also known as patients) without telling the employers they are subjects of trials. For a full detail of what the drug cartels do and how they operate read “The Truth About Drug Companies How They Deceive Us And What To Do About it”  by: Marcia Angell M.D. You can find the book HERE.

The following is from the inside jacket cover:

“During her two decades at The New England Journal of Medicine Dr. Marcia Angell had a front-row seat on the growing corruption of the pharmaceutical industry. She watched drug companies stray from their original mission of discovering and manufacturing useful drugs and instead become vast marketing machines with unprecedented control over their own fortunes. She saw them gain nearly limitless influence over medical research, education, and how doctors do their jobs. She sympathized as the American public, particularly the elderly, struggled with and increasingly failed to keep up with spiraling prescription drug prices. Now, in this bold, hard-hitting new book, Angell exposes the shocking truth of what the pharmaceutical industry has become – and argues for essential, long-overdue change.

Currently, Americans spend a staggering $200 billion each year on prescription drugs. As Angell powerfully demonstrates, claims that high drug prices are necessary to fund research and development are unfounded: The truth is that drug companies funnel the bulk of their resources into the marketing of products of dubious benefit. Meanwhile, as profits soar, the companies brazenly use their wealth and power to push their agenda through Congress, the FDA and academic medical centers.”

If (and I do believe it so) this is all true then I want to know why in the name of God aren’t these people being taken to task for obvious violations of rules and laws that they are suppose to live by? Are you aware that there are more lobbyists in Washington DC representing the special interests of  the pharmaceutical industry than there are members of congress? According to THIS report as of 2005 there are 1,274 lobbyists working for the drug cartels. The report also goes on to indicate those members of congress who are most heavily influenced via money by the drug cartels. Sadly, Arlen Spector (R-PA) is one of the most heavily influenced. Also according to the report most of the money used to influence congress goes to the republicans. I am sure that with the control shifting to the democrats we will see more drug cartel money going into their pockets. The drug cartels play what ever side of th isle has the upper hand. Also according to the report: “Of the 1,274 people registered to lobby in Washington for drugmakers in 2003, according to the Center for Public Integrity, 476 are former federal officials – including 40 former members of Congress.”  The current membership of Congress is: 535. So the drug cartels have MORE than twice as many lobbyists in Washington than there are members of congress. Dose this seem wrong to anyone else?

They wheel and deal to get unsafe ineffective and in many cases deadly drugs and vaccines approved for the general (mostly ignorant) population. One such vaccine is the Gardasil vaccine introduced by Merck in 2006. Since its introduction negative, severe side effects include seizures and death. And yet the vaccine is still being produced and used.

I have been able to forgive many people since JR was diagnosed. The doctor and nurses who gave my son 7 viruses in one “well child” check up at the age of 15 months. The medical establishment for being ignorant to the damaging effects of vaccines. At the time they were as ignorant as everyone else. However, that forgiveness has its limits as well. They continue to practice medicine as usual so my forgiveness for what is going on today is non-existent.

So with all that has been continuing to happen since JR was diagnosed with”autism” over 8 years ago, autism, that is in reality vaccine reactions; I am expected according to the tenants of Christianity to forgive these individuals who so far haven’t apologized to an entire generation of children for taking away their lives, the lives of their parents and siblings. Who continue along their merry way maiming and killing people for nothing more than money. I am also expected to forgive those who have covered up these crimes. I am expected to forgive the agencies responsible for overseeing the safety and effectiveness of these products who are doing absolutely nothing. I am expected to forgive the media for not reporting the truth because they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. I am expected to just ignore everything that has been done in order for the drug cartels to make money.

I cannot do that. I am sorry I am not that good of a Christian. I try and I have come to terms with my son’s issues. I love him to death and have accepted him for who he is. I have found peace in my son…..HOWEVER:


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