Posted by: debstake | January 19, 2009

Jake Crosby Has Done it Again

I am an avid reader of Age of Autism. The articles are very good, my only gripe  is they don’t publish enough articles  from the common parents perspective. They have many parents articles but these are the “celebrity” parents within the autism community. You know who I mean, Katie Wright, J.B. Handley, and of course Kim Stagliano, the managing editor of the site. The ones who really kicked off AoA ironically enough are NOT parents of children with autism. You know them as well, Dan Olmsted and David Kirby.

However, every once in a while (twice now in the past six months for Jake) they will publish a piece written by an individual who not only “talks the talk”, but also and very literally, “walks the walk”. You can find Jake’s most recent contribution to AoA HERE. It’s titled “Discovering I Was Toxic” and the title should be obvious what the topic is about.

I think if anyone is going to represent a particular group of individuals then those individuals should be part of that representation. To that end I would like to publicly ask Jake Crosby to become a contributing member of this blog. More individuals should be allowed to represent themselves and tell their stories instead of relying on the good intentions of others.


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