Posted by: debstake | January 20, 2009

Is Your Child Autistic “Enough”

A very interesting thread was begun on autistic living, also know to us regulars to the forum as AL. It can be read HERE. One comment in particular struck a cord for me because I have blogged on this subject before HERE and HERE. The comments are:

“I hope you won’t mind me weighing in my nickels worth on this subject. The autism spectrum is just too broad of a diversity of this disorder.Since the label was expanded there are more categories & subcategories than carter has liver pills. We need to find causation prevention & treatment. How can this be possible with so broad a definition?

We need to declassify first to find what we are really dealing with here.How can proper research be done when we are looking at different classes? This is just up the vaccine & Big Pharma’s alley.Just look how it has benefited them with this disunity .They have said science doesn’t back up the vaccine causation. .But what are we talking about here. Where the vaccines really culpable? In some cases you darn right they where.Try & prove this though with such a broad spectrum of a label. Then of course all the meds that are prescribed for these behavior problems. A very lucrative deal for big pharma . They have no interest in helping only prescribing long term usage of their meds. These meds can and do cause long term damage but thats ok for pharma too more money in their pocket.

I don’t know much of this neuro-diversity bunch. If they are functioning on their own without any kind of assistance then that is like night & day compared to those that are inflicted with a disorder where they can’t function on their own and in some instances never will be able to. According to some autism has enabled them to be very bright in a lot of different areas. Well that is a far cry from those who are functioning on a retarded level as a result of the autism that inflicted them.

Then to get back to another question. Which group has the right to be called autistic. I will say it is in the group that had the label & those that now have the same symptoms as those that where in previous years given that label Aspergers and autism where two separate entities. I don’t know why they are even included together on the spectrum. WE need a new approach to find out just what is really behind each of our children’s disability. It can’t be done until this spectrum label is dissolved. Until that happens we will be arguing over this till the cows come home. But don’t forget that is what the vaccine & drug cos. will want. The longer this disunity the more money for them.”

This woman pretty much put it all together. I believe, and have for a very long time now; that the actual numbers of autism (1 in 150) are over inflated and my previous two posts explain why. When parents realize what I have come to understand then maybe we can get the autism umbrella disposed of. Classify autism as just that, autism and not aspergers and ADHD and do the REAL research into the causes. But until we get honest numbers (something we won’t see until Obama cleans house in the CDC and FDA) and congress decides its not for sale to the pharma lobbyists and boots those bastards out of Washington we will never have any concrete answers. Parents of autistic children buy this 1 in 150 Schick just like everyone else does. Things are not about to change any time soon.


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