Posted by: debstake | January 27, 2009

Anti-Vaccination VS Pro-Poisoning…..Which Are You?

vaccination-syringe-and-vial I have been called an anti-vaccine zealot recently and it gave me pause to think about this title. I do not consider myself a zealot. The definition of a zealot according to is: “an excessively zealous person; fanatic”. I do not consider myself a fanatic on this issue; with one very serious exception; that being my family; particularly my children. I don’t go around telling people to not vaccinate. What I do tell them is to educate themselves on the safety, efficiency and danger of vaccines; ALL vaccines. That is all.

People may wonder what has turned me into an anti-vaccine parent, aside from the obvious reasons. Well, I’ll tell you; what has made me the way I am is the fact that there is so much conflict of interest as well as hypocrisy in this area. A perfect example of this is Dr. Paul Offit, a man who says it’s perfectly safe to inject our children with 10,000 vaccines (at one time mind you) but when offered a substantial amount of money won’t take anyone up on the offer. A man who has financial incentive to keep vaccines pumped into the arms and legs of babies, children, teenagers, and hell adults now as well.

Add to him Julie Gerberding, recently required to resign thanks to President Obama. This woman has openly admitted that vaccines can cause autism in children suffering from mitochondrial disease. A disease that eighty (yeah that is 80) percent of our children with autism suffers with.

And there are many others who feel vaccines are totally safe. The one thing they all seem to have in common is the financial incentive to keep the status-quo as it is. They either work for the drug cartels, are pediatricians who make a substantial profit from the “well child” (an excuse to administer vaccines) appointments, or are researchers/doctors who have patents with the drug cartels. I am disgusted by those who take an oath to “first to do no harm” and then turn around and are putting their purse strings ahead of my children’s health, and others very lives in some instances. Another example of putting the love of money ahead of the love of children is the booster shots. Most people are not aware that boosters are given for the five (yeah I said 5) percent of the population that the initial vaccine didn’t work for. AND if that isn’t bad enough chew on this for awhile; if the initial vaccine didn’t work then there is a ninety-nine (yeah I said 99) percent probability that the booster won’t either. AND if that doesn’t do it this might; there is a blood test that can be done on a child to determine blood titers. This measures the immunity factor that is supposed to be given by the vaccines for diseases. So now the question is this: has your pediatrician ever told you any of this information? If they haven’t is it because they didn’t know? Or, is it because they didn’t want YOU to know. If it’s the latter then it’s time to start hunting for a new doctor because your current one is more interested in the money he/she can make by administering as many vaccines into your child as they can.

To be frank, I am sick and tired of being referred to as an anti-vaccine zealot so I have taken it upon myself to coin a new phrase for those who believe that vaccines are the holy grail of modern  medical practices. Pro-poisoners. I take this stance because there are many references in the bible about the mixing of human and animal blood (see HERE for reference, also for those interested in taking a religious exemption this site is a wealth of information). And anyone who has ever studied the process of making vaccines knows that many of these viruses are strained through various animal organs, hence the mixing of blood. Also, add to this the fact that vaccines contain aborted fetal tissues and the problem becomes a bigger one if you against abortion for religious reasons.

As the parent of an 11 year old boy who had reactions to his vaccines and is conventionally diagnosed with autism, I can honestly say that I am anti-vaccination. I do NOT believe that greening vaccines is an option. I will go so far as to say that the words greening and vaccines is an oxymoron. Removing the toxins won’t do a thing to the process that is used to make vaccines.

People are under the misconception that vaccines are what eradicated disease. This is a false assumption. HERE is a website that may be of interest to EITHER side of this debate. What destroyed disease was better quality of life, better sanitation, better food preparation and storage, cleaner water. It was not vaccinations. Why do you think that disease is rampant in third world countries? Even though billions of dollars are being thrown into vaccine programs by well intentioned but misinformed private citizens. Check HERE for what the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is up to now.  They can throw all the vaccines into these countries they want; as long as the quality of life is substandard the diseases will never die out. Money would be better spent in cleaning up the living conditions then in vaccines. But there isn’t any long term pay off for the drug cartels in this avenue.

So if I have to choose between anti-vaccination approach by refusing to pump poisons into the blood stream of my children OR a pro-poisoned approach who has no issue with injecting toxins into children too young to fend them off; then I will take an anti-vaccination stance. At least I won’t be guilty of crimes against children.

The only real immunity comes from contracting the diseases themselves. Vaccines are injected directly into the blood stream and bypass the immune system completely. The boosters don’t work for the same reasons. There is no natural immunity acquired by vaccine.

Vaccinations should be a choice, not a mandate. Even the federal government doesn’t mandate vaccines. All the CDC does is recommend. The mandating comes in at the state level. Every state has some form of exemption for those choosing not to vaccinate.  When a parent does make their choice it should be made with all available information that is out there. And if a parent makes a choice that you or I don’t agree with then fine, stop the name calling and stop acting like little brats.


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