Posted by: debstake | February 1, 2009

Stand and Fight OR Suffer the Consequences

There has been some disturbing news this week mostly surrounding vaccinations and parents who are opting out of them because of fear of their often adverse consequences. The first can be found on Ashland Daily Tidings newspaper in Ashland Oregon. It can be found HERE. The second can be found on Age of Autism. View it HERE. The common theme in both these articles is government; in the form of the CDC in the first article and a NY school district in the second piece taking away the rights of parents to make decisions about vaccinating their children.

I find these events very disturbing. It’s almost as if the government doesn’t feel we, the parents of our children, are intelligent enough to think for ourselves. Our government feels that we need to be treated like children. Children to be told what to do, to be looked after and God forbid we don’t appreciate their efforts then the government has a right to punish us. We are called unamerican if we don’t agree with what the government wants to do, is doing or has done.

I want to know what happened? When did it happen and how did it happen? When did we lose our right to think and make decisions for ourselves? When did the government decide it had to start playing parent to its citizens? And how much more are we the citizens of this nation going to take from a meddling government?

A government that meddles in our private lives but can’t seem to manage cleaning its own house. Perfect examples can be found in the FDA and CDC and their lack of integrity concerning the very issues of vaccinations. Deadly and debilitating vaccines. Vaccines that have caused a spike in not just autism but cancer, diabetes, MS, arthritis, epilepsy, convulsions, seizures, and SIDS. For proof of this go HERE.

Another issue that has arisen this week is that of mercury in high fructose corn syrup, also known in the trade as HFCS. According to many reports out this past week there are minuscule amounts of mercury in HFCS. Minuscule as in ppt (parts per trillion). And all though that in itself seems insignificant, when you realize how many proceeded foods contain HFCS the daily consumption can be great. As (typical) Americans we consume a great deal of processed foods. An excellent article can be found on the Huffington Post by clicking HERE. And of course the standard rebuttal from the corn industry can be found HERE. The author of the Huffington Post raised a very serious, though not surprising concern about the FDA sitting on this information for 3 years. I am not the least bit surprised by this fact. The FDA was (and possibly still is) for sale to the highest bidder. There is NO integrity, truth or moral fiber left in that agency. Remember folks, the FDA is the American watchdog for us. Is this the best we can do? PLEASE!!!! I  believe we should do the same thing to our criminal officials here that China is doing now over the melamine scandal. Maybe not beheading but serious jail time. All though the way the FDA and CDC have covered up the vaccine debacle I wouldn’t shed any tears if the heads of the FDA and CDC were given a sentence of beheading. Considering how many lives they are directly responsible for maiming and ending I think it’s fitting.

So again, we the average American must rely on other groups for honest information. We must rely on each other for truth. It doesn’t seem that our government agencies can do their jobs properly because they are for sale. If we don’t stand and fight our corrupt government then we will die at its hands. An idea that I believe they have been planning for some time now.


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