Posted by: debstake | February 7, 2009

Pharmaceutical Advertising DOES Impact How Doctors Perceive Supplements

There is a new study out answering the question of whether pharmaceutical advertising affect journal publication about dietary supplements. The article can be found HERE. This information does not come as  a surprise to those of us within the autism community that are using bio-medicals to aid in the recovery of our children.

When JR was diagnosed with autism in 2000 we were told that he wouldn’t get any worse than he was. He was at that time severely autistic. We were given no information about alternative therapies to aid him. What we were told was to continue speech, behavioral and developmental therapies. We were not even told about the benefits of ABA. The doctor who diagnosed JR did us a major disservice by omitting this vital information. It’s possible that she didn’t know about the supplements as her peer written journals do not print articles on supplements.

One must ask themselves why these journals don’t print articles on the benefits of supplements. Supplements are primarily found as natural. Natural medications if you will cannot be licensed since they are found in nature. The drug cartels haven’t (yet) found away to control natural occurring events. Because of this they can’t hold patent on supplements. This is one reason why the drug cartels are so hell bent on the Codex Alimentarius push.

One of the main objectives of codex is to remove the option of natural supplements from the consumer. Many people are unaware of just how EVIL codex has become. What started out in the early 60’s as a group trying to level the playing field for food growth, food distribution and food safety has become a means of controlling our choices and our rights. Another goal of the current codex committee is to introduce unbeknownest to the general population genetically modified foods. For an unbiased understanding of Codex, its history and its controversy go HERE.

The introduction of genetically modified foods has already begun. Hershey foods is getting its sugar source from genetically modified beets. See an article about how Hershey isn’t using this GM sugar in Brazil but is using it in US production HERE. Also check out this article HERE. Our family has already boycotted ALL Hershey products.

Most people who are health conscious aren’t even aware of codex alimentarius. Which is just the way that  they want to keep it. People need to wake up and realize that our governments and their agencies are NOT looking out for our welfare. We need to do that for ourselves. My strongest suggestion is a very simple one. If you have the land to grow your own food then I would strongly suggest you become a “weekend” farmer. There are places where seed can be bought on-line that is totally organic instead of this crap that is genetically modified. One seller of genetically modified seeds to stay away from is Monsanto. HERE is the reason why.

It is pretty easy to see how these companies are all tied together. It is equally easy to see what their plans for the future of humans is too. It’s not pretty and unless we expose them for the EVIL they are they will master their objective. Some may wonder what that objective may be. Depopulation of the planet folks. Think I am exaggerating? Check out the Codex Alimentarius video by Ian Crane. It’s 90 minutes long, but you will walk away with more information than you want. Information that may very well save the life of your family and yourself. I think taking 90 minutes out of my life is worth the trade off.

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