Posted by: debstake | February 12, 2009

The Hidden Agenda of the Stimulus Package

Even though I did not vote for Obama (nor McCain) I have been of the mind set that we as a nation need to stand behind our president. My mind set was changed yesterday. The rest of this blog will explain why.

To begin I read about this several weeks ago. There are plans to implement micro-chipping the American population. The reason according to President Obama is to minimize the bureaucratic paperwork involved with our current health care system. On the surface this seems a reasonable avenue to take. However under the surface is where the problem exists. RFID is the name of the product that will be used to micro-chip the citizen of America. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Go HERE for a pretty good definition of what RFIDs are. IBM and the VeriChip corporations are now working on these devices and their implementation into humans. HERE is an article about the dangers of RFID chips and the implications of how it will effect our private lives.  Aside from the obvious privacy issues associated with these RFID chips another issue of them causing some forms of cancer can be found HERE. Add to these two facts the concept that once implanted into the citizens of America the government would have total control over our lives is very real. Speak out against the government and you will find yourself without any money, a job, food, housing or medical care. You won’t be able to buy or sell anything either. I don’t know about anyone else but I think I would rather do without the benefits of the government then be a sheep to them.

RFID is only one small problem. Now let’s focus on the hidden agenda contained in the stimulus package. This is the stuff we haven’t been hearing about in main stream media or from Barack himself. And I have to ask why is that? Click HERE for a good article on the “benefits” of government controlled health care. Basically what will happen is this: the federal government will determine what treatments (whether they be drug therapy, an operation, physical therapy and the like) will be allowed. This determination will be dependent on the cost and age of the patient. In other words if you are elderly and the treatment is expensive then they will let you die. This is raising many alarms for me, the parent of a special needs child. My next question is if they are going to treat the elderly like trash how long will it be before these same government agencies start to focus on our disabled community?

Another excellent piece written by Mike Adams of the Natural News website can be found HERE. Another piece by Mike can be found HERE. Another piece (opinion) written by Betsy McCaughey and posted on the Bloomberg website can be found HERE. The article is called: Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan. In this article is the link to the actual bill in its entirety. I do believe that we need to upgrade hospitals and the administration of medical practice, however not at the expense of the American citizen’s privacy. And I certainly don’t trust the security measures implemented to date by the government concerning our private information. Remeber about two years ago when the veterans identification information was stolen from a VA hospital? If not see it HERE. And shortly after that right here in Pennsylvania there was theft of receipiant information for those receiving any state benefits. My son was on that server that was hacked into. Read that article HERE. So what exactly is the federal government going to do to assure us that no one is going to do something with the information they access or how are the hackers going to be kept out of the systems?

Now to be fair HERE is a link to a WSJ (Wall Street Journal) correction about the language of the bill that writer Alicia Mundy misinterpreted. Even with this correction I still have some major misgivings about this health care reform. The history of federal government and it’s poking its nose into areas that were only made worse after their intervention makes me very leary. Think about the educational system and the no child left behind debacle.


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