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GARDASIL =Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Seizures, Paralysis and Death

gardasil1Well it turns out that WebMD is coming out with the information that Merck’s financial golden goose that was to recoup the money lost on the Vioxx lawsuits is being linked to Guillain Barre Syndrome. Gardasil is also being linked to seizures, paralysis, fainting and in some cases death. Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has been doing several investigations into vaccines including gardasil. Her most recent piece (February 6th of this year) can be found HERE.

We are all familiar with the “One Less” television spots. Well I found a website that also professes the “one less” message. This site is about young ladies who received at least one dose of Gardasil vaccine. These are the young women who have been adversely effected by the vaccines. The site can be viewed HERE. The one less this site speaks of is one less adverse reaction, one less gardasil vaccine and one less death.

The following came directly from the FDA adverse website concerning the gardasil vaccine. The piece can be found HERE.

“Gardasil Adverse Events Include Deaths, Seizures, Judicial Watch Says

There have been 3,461 reports of adverse events, including a maximum of 11 deaths, in patients receiving Merck’s cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, public interest group Judicial Watch said.

Since May, the group has found documents detailing 1,824 reports of adverse reactions to Gardasil (quadrivalent human papillomavirus [Types 6, 11, 16, 18] recombinant vaccine), including eight deaths. Before May, Judicial Watch had obtained 1,637 adverse event reports. The group received the data from the FDA through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Of the 1,824 adverse events reported between May 10 and Sept. 7, 347 were serious reactions including paralysis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barre syndrome and seizures, according to the group.

Thirty-three out of 77 pregnant women who received the vaccine experienced side effects, including spontaneous abortion and fetal abnormalities, Judicial Watch added.

“In light of this information, it is disturbing that state and local governments might mandate in any way this vaccine for young girls,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.”

This article is from October of 2007. Most of us within the autism community know that most doctors do not report adverse reactions to VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system). It is well known that only roughly 10% of adverse reactions are reported. Based on this information back in 2007 there were 1,637 adverse events reported. IF that represents 10% then there are a total of 16,000 events. Keeping in mind this is 2007 that the 1,637 quoted in the article is from. So the question bears asking: If there were that many reported and suspected reactions to this vaccine then why is it 18 months later that this vaccine is still on the market?

For more accurate and recent numbers (11,916 by December 2008) please go HERE. Keep in mind that approximately only 10% of all adverse reactions even get reported at all and the number is more like 119,160 adverse events.So again the question bears to be asked: If there are that many reported adverse reactions then why not error on the side of caution and remove the vaccine from use until independent testing can be done?

Even the Wall Street Journal; formerly a huge proponent of the drug cartels and vaccines in general has THIS to say about the Gardasil vaccine.

For my daughter I too will choose “one less”. One less disabling effect, one less seizure, one less diagnosis of paralysis, one less diagnosis of GBS, and one less DEATH!! Merck and all the drug cartels can take their products whether they be vaccines or medications and shove them where the sun never shines. I choose for myself and my children to be ONE LESS victim of their poisons and unfeeling disregard for human life. The drug cartels have had their “bite at the apple” in the form of childhood vaccinations and I refuse to give them another shot at it. I shall never trust them again AND they will always be my enemy for what they have done in the past and what they are continuing to practice to this day.


  1. My daughter is in baptist hospital nc. She had her last injection of gardasil in august the same time she started complaining of pain in her limbs at night. She started having trouble walking last week. Now she cant walk at all. I did not know this could be a possible cause. Spinal tap tomorrow. Im angry she was perfect before the injections. derek cain hopkins.

  2. Derek,
    My heart hurts for you, all of you. I remember those days very well. I allowed myself the luxury of mourning for 3 weeks. After that I got active, first in my son’s immediate needs but later as community that often goes by autism because autism is where the first wisps of a connection began. But honest to God Derek, it could be any issues, ADHD/Juvenile Diabetes/GBS/and on/and on. I know it’s difficult right now to think beyond 24 hours but there will come a time when you start asking yourself; “should I speak or remain silent”? How you answer it will determine if the glass is half full or half empty. One thing; you MUST ALWAYS have is: hope. Without it nothing else is possible. Don’t let anger win. Turn it around!! Best of luck, and prayers to you and yours.


  3. my daughter was given the first gardasil injection at the doctors surgery after school yesterday she suffered a seizure cold sweats,dissiness,and nubness in her left arm i was shocked at the reaction .
    the doctor advised me she might not be able to have the other follow on needles.
    I have all ready decided im not going to follow on with the other injections the reaction could be life threatening for her

  4. Kaye, sorry to hear of your daughter’s reaction. At least you have enough sense to quit
    now though. I will pray for u both.


  6. Not sure of a “cure” per say. However I am pretty certain there are ways of treating this without using the poisons the drug companies market. Do a google search for natural treatments. Wish I could be of more help.

  7. I am so sorry for all the people who have suffered from side effects of this drug. Unfortunately it is not the only one. There is Flagyl, an antibiotic that has been described as the drug from hell. Anti depressants CAUSE the most horrendous suffering. The CAUSE psychosis and many other dreadful illnesses. Then people are prescribed anti psychotics which change the brain and CAUSE the damage they are said to balance. There IS no test and there has never been a test to proove that ANY imbalance exists in the body that causes depression or psychosis. If they have discovered ‘wonder’ drugs to help people cope WHY is the rate of mental illness rising exponentially. The crimes of the pharmaceutical companies are worse than anyone can imagine. Yes, there ARE drugs which help but many of them cause indescribable suffering and death. We TAKE these drugs in good faith even though the pamphlet tells us (if we’re given one) that the drug has horrible side effects. We do this because we think ‘My doctor would NEVER prescribe something that would hurt me’. Yes. Yes they would. They may even get a free trip to some exotic island for it. They will certainly get some free lunches. As someone said ‘Pharmaceutical companies are sitting on time bomb’. The truth WILL come out. Thank you to whoever it was who gave us the internet.

  8. Nissan,
    Everything you say is backed up in a book I read a few years back. The title is: The Truth About the Drug Companies. The author: Marcia Angell, MD. For 20 years this woman was the editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine. As the dust jacket claims “she had a front-row seat on the growing corruption of the pharmaceutical industry”.

    I personally don’t take any drug, even OTC preparations. My son JR takes nothing but supplements to counter the effects of his autistic issue caused (in part) by (drum roll please) you guessed it baby; the pharmaceutical industry or what I have come to call them: drug cartels. Actually calling the industry drug cartels give the other drug cartels a black eye. At least with the other guys you know EXACTLY what you are getting into. The former cartels lie, cheat, steal (and probably) and kill. Slowly to be sure; after all they need their revenue base.

  9. Thank you for the sources cited in your article. Those of us who question Merck’s “Gardasil Race for the Cash” need to stand together and speak up until someone in the government listens to us. Thank you for reaching out to moms and girls whom the Gardasil vaccine has negatively affected, and offering emotion support, and resources. Articles like yours encourage women to report adverse symptoms to the VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system), the CDC, the FDA and anyone else who will listen.

    I recently posted Ashley Ryburn’s Gardasil Vaccine Injury YouTube video to my site, It had hundreds of views and one negative comment, that stated, ““Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) occurs in 1 or 2 out of every 100,000 teenage girls regardless of vaccination status.” (I’m looking for the medical citation for that statistic.)

    Interestingly this comment was from my 40-year old, childless sister-in law, who lives in Scotland. She believes that “SCIENCE” is on her side; that the Gardasil vaccine is a necessary drug that will save hundreds of thousands of women from cervical cancer. She also believes that I am in danger of becoming a panderer of Big Pharma Conspiracy theories. I have chosen to respect her right to have a different opinion than mine, and continue to research and write about the Gardasil HPV vaccine in my Blog. If even one mom searching Google, finds something on my site, or other Blogs like yours, that encourages her to educate herself more fully before vaccinating her daughter with Gardasil, it is worth being given a hard time by my scientific sister-in-laws. Yeah, the other one is a family practice doctor in a state run clinic and she thinks I’m medically irresponsible, too.
    Thanks again,
    H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik,

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