Posted by: debstake | May 25, 2009

Lupron – A New Miracle Treatment for Autism?

lupron On May 21st the Chicago Tribune ran a four page article on the use of lupron to treat the effects of mercury toxicity (a.k.a. autism). The article can be found HERE. To say this article is biased would be an understatement. The grab line for the article reads: “Powerful castration drug pushed for autistic children, but medical experts denounce unproven claims”. To begin with this is not a castration drug, in fact the drug is used as an infertility drug. Evidence of this use can be found HERE. Other uses for the drug can be found HERE. As anyone can see the drug has several uses all related to the lowering of ABNORMALLY high levels of testosterone and ESTROGEN.  Anne Dachel at AoA wrote a rebutal article on the Tribs piece. I can’t add a thing to it. She did an excellent job at debunking the Trib piece. Her article can be found HERE.

Rodney and I attended the USAAA / CoMeD 2009 Autism and Asperger Regional Conference from April 30th to May 3rd. On the 3rd of May the Geiers; Dr. Mark and son David presented on Lupron and it’s possible aid in treating for the removal of mercury from the body. According to the presentation testosterone in high enough levels will retard the production of glutathione. Glutathione as most of us know is required for the removal of toxins from the body. A much more objective and informative article on the Geier’s presentation can be found HERE. All though JR doesn’t show any signs of excessive testosterone (early onset puberty, excessive body hair, deepening of voice at early age) we will have a blood test done to rule out the effects. IF for some odd reason he shows high levels then Rodney and I as JR’s legal guardians and parents will make the decision of what to do next. We will listen to the advice given but ultimately the choice will be ours.

I make a hard point on this choice issue because the Trib article made it sound like parents who would ever consider this are grasping at straws; that we don’t have the intelligence to make decisions of this nature, and that we are being lead around by our emotions to “fix” our kids. I for one am never lead around by my emotions especially where my children are concerned. Every decision that is made concerning our children is based on research and facts. JR takes supplements to compensate for what his body can’t pull from food. JR is NOT a picky eater either so he has a very well balanced diet. The supplements; as I have stated previously, have aided his body in healing itself. Some of his supplements are to aid in focus and memory and they work too. His focus in the classroom setting has improved every single year. JR has gone from “severely” to “mildly” autistic in six years. The reasons again; as I have stated previously, are supplements, educational setting, and maturity.

Is JR “recovered”, “healed”, or “cured”? No he is not. Can he be? Yes I believe he can be. I am seeing daily evidence of this. Will he be recovered? I can’t answer that as I have no ability to see into the future. Do I want him to be? That’s a good question and the answer has evolved over the past 9 years. I went from praying for recovery daily; to I want JR to be happy and I want what he wants. He wants his supplements I can say that with certainty. He’s getting to the point where if he misses he reminds us that he missed. He knows these supplements are helping him.

I don’t know what the future holds for myself let alone my son. I do know that I plan on preparing my children for the unexpected future that they are going to be left with. I plan on doing what needs doing to help them survive without me and their father. That day is coming maybe sooner than we think or want; but it is coming that is guarenteed.



  1. I was pushed Lupron for endometriosis. I researched its background and I did not like what i saw: falsification/fabrication of data, criminal and civil misconduct charges, corruption, etc… Any manufacturer that has to falsify data or take part in criminal misconduct in order to sell their drug is not a company I would trust. Darcy Spears did an investigative piece about Lupron that I thought summed up everything nicely, and Erin Brockovich has it on her “watch list.”

  2. This drug has heavy side effects. My father used it for prostate cancer. There is no way I could try this one. Its just too drastic. DMSA worked fine, but thats the strongest drug I feel comfortable with.

  3. I agree. Just trying to keep folks informed. Thanks for the comment.

  4. And YES, Lupron IS used to cause “chemical castration” in pedophiles who agree to take it so that they can be released from prison. Please get your facts straight.

  5. Lupron is a “disaster drug” that should be taken off the market. This drug gained FDA approval as a treatment for men dying of prostate cancer. Under no circumstance should this dangerous drug be used on healthy men, women, or children. It is notorious for PERMANENT side effects, and there are victims’ groups all over the internet, including Facebook. It throws the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, etc., out of whack and good luck ever having a normal life again.

    Lupron is NOT a fertility drug and has never been FDA-approved for fertility treatments: that is an off-label use of the drug by unscrupulous doctors who receive kickbacks from Abbott Labs.
    Please file complaints at and get this tragic drug off the market.

  6. We have and are trying a lot of things, but I think I will pass on Lupron.

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