Posted by: debstake | May 26, 2009

Daniel Hauser….Who Should Decide?

Forced Chemo I was skimming through the TV channels on Sunday and came across the Geraldo Rivera show and came across this story about Daniel and Colleen Hauser. The story goes that Daniel was diagnosed with hodgkins lymphoma. One round of chemotherapy was administered when the parents along with Daniel decided, based on religious reasons that they wanted to try a more natural approach to healing this 13 year old young man. Daniel testified to this effect and that can be found HERE. The following is a quote from Daniel himself:

“One of our main concepts and beliefs is we do no harm, and since chemotherapy is a poison and we inject that into our bodies, we would really like to get around that.”

Now all those against this family that are trying to force this deadly poison into this young man are all saying that he is too young to comprehend the chemotherapy treatment and the seriousness of his illness. Based on his own quote I believe that Daniel has a very good grasp of what is what. Like the average 13 year old; he understands a great deal more than he is being given credit for. My daughter would certainly have understood at the age of 13 the options available to her and the ramifications of those choices.

As far as I can tell this looks like a freedom of medical treatment issue. Here is a family that along with the VICTIM of the cancer have decided to attempt cure via a natural homeopathic approach. This same young man after one round of chemo has said he would run away from home before going through another round.

The survival rate based on an arbitrary five years of being cancer free (it used to be seven years) is questionable to begin with. If an individual has a reappearance of cancer say six years after being cancer free and then dies of the cancer the second time around; that person would still be considered cancer-free or cured from the first cancer. The long term negative effects of chemotherapy can be found HERE. For another well written article on Daniel and his situation please go HERE.

What this truly comes down to is the state taking charge in a situation where there are caring and loving parents who happen to believe that an alternative approach is best suited for their son. Children and youth; the agency first brought into situations of this nature; typically call parents like this “medically neglectful”. They of course are basing their opinions on that of the western medical establishment.

Keep in mind those educated in western medical schools are being taught exactly what the pharmaceutical industry wants them to learn. Medical school students learn absolutely nothing about evaluating the human body as each system works independently and in unison. Medical students learn nothing about how to heal the body of its various aliments. Medical school graduates are taught how to prescribe and what to prescribe without addressing the underlying cause of the illness or disease.

How have we become so narrow minded to think that there are no alternative treatments to every disease treated by western (allopathic) medicine? And when did it become SOP (standard operating procedure) to involve agencies like children and youth into a family decision about the care of a child in that family? What gives anyone the right to force their beliefs about anything upon someone else. Talk about overstepping what is suppose to be; limited government interference.

Little by little America’s citizens are losing their freedoms. Those who don’t think so are not paying attention to what is happening and has been happening for some time now. Our freedoms to choose are being severely curtailed by an over stepping meddling government. This is NOT what the founding fathers had in mind. The entire premise of the constitution is limited government. It is no ones business to interfere in family matters such as this.It is time that our government stops treating us like imbeciles and allow us to live our lives as we the individuals see fit to. Our choices should be ours to make not some over reaching entity that claims to know more than we do about what is best for us.

The day is coming and quickly I believe that the citizens of this nation will take up arms against the government. Another revolution is brewing on the horizon and our government knows it. And our government is taking steps to remove the threat of the masses. If you think I am wrong look to the gun control laws currently on the books. “Gun control” is a misnomer; for these laws aren’t about controlling guns and keeping them out of the hands of criminals. The “control” is about knowing what law abiding citizens have and how many they have. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh yes, our government cares a great deal about what guns you have in your homes. Their concern about gun control begins and ends with their own self-preservation. They could care less about us, the people who put these idiots into office.



  1. This is supposed to be a free country.

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