Posted by: debstake | June 3, 2009

Why Pennsylvanians Do Not Have a Philosophical Vaccination Exemption

flying_pigOver on Age of Autism (AoA) Theresa O’Brien wrote the article that this blog post is named. She raised the concerns though misguided as they are; of our public figures uninformed minds about disease, vaccinations, lawsuits, and herd immunity. I can’t really add much other than the scientific proof that the diseases these vaccines were made to eradicate were already dieing out or dead.

That to me is a VERY important point and one that should always be remembered and used to further our cause for free choice over our children’s health and care. It will be coming especially handy if the vaccine program is ever halted in order to be revamped. In m y opinion,  the only good vaccine program is one that is limited in the number of vaccines and the ability of the parents to decide what is best for their child. I fear that these rights are going to be swept away for the “greater” good.

The danger in the swine flu isn’t the flu itself but the reactions of the media and the CDC. Countless people who have survived the swine flu have been noted as saying that it really wasn’t as bad as the hype being made by the government and the media is making it out to be. Why would our government and media make this sound worse than it really is? HERE is an example of fear mongering that I find reprehensible. And HERE is a more balanced less hysterical piece. A piece I might add that isn’t being picked up by the major news outlets. Please note: the first article is being broadcast far and wide by none other than CNN and the second article is being released by science daily. Check out Ron Paul’s response to this hysteria. HERE is another article quoting Ron Paul.

And let us not forget the original swine flu scare of 1976. As a result of that scare a vaccine to combat the swine flu was rushed through because 1 private out of Ft Dix New Jersey died as a result of the flu. However, because of the vaccine 500 people ended up with Guillain-Barre syndrome. If this sounds somewhat like deja vu then you are remembering THIS post.  Officially (and we all know “officially” means 10%) 30 people died as a direct result of the swine flu vaccine. Then the vaccine was pulled from use.

I personally believe the swine flu is a scare tactic and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this wasn’t deliberately released. Our government is not above such things. Scare the hell out of the people so when marshall law is declared most people will be rolling up their sleeves to receive the latest flu vaccine craze. Bahhh!!


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