Posted by: debstake | June 17, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine Mandates – Schoolchildren To Go First?

The following came into my in-box today. I thought I would share it with anyone who reads this blog and doesn’t subscribe to this e-mail newsletter. I can’t add a thing to what Louise has to say. The writing of this article is excellent. So here’s the e-mail I got.Also, for anyone interested in subscribing to this newsletter please refer to the website HERE.



June 16, 2009

From Louise Kuo Habakus

I wasn’t going to send out another newsletter so soon after the last one. But I had to share today’s news. You can click on the “unsubscribe” link above at any time, but I hope you’ll stay on. When our website is launched, I’ll be able to archive all current and past newsletters.


Hot off the cyber presses, the Associated Press just released this bombshell. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is talking to school superintendents across the country, preparing them for the possibility of mass vaccination and the conversion of our schools into “shot clinics” this fall. She says, “If you think about vaccinating children, schools are the logical place. The Food and Drug Administration will closely track vaccine safety. The worst of all worlds is to have the vaccine cause more damage than the flu potential.”

Sebelius attempts to assuage parents with talk of careful surveillance. It all sounds so reasonable. Surveillance, indeed. The trusty FDA at our service. The government agency that regulates and supervises the safety of food, baby formula, drugs, vaccines and the like. Don’t get me started.


So… how many of you are freaked out? I’ll go out on a limb here and say what I think should be obvious.

To mass produce this shot in quantities that will virtually guarantee their administration… to mass vaccinate our children in school, with or without our knowledge… to mandate this medical procedure with no science, no testing, no recourse… to force those not in compliance into quarantine camps… to require our children, already overwhelmed with environmental toxicity, to get these shots without regard for their family history, their medical history and their performance status…

… this is nothing short of a disaster.

You may be comforted by Sebelius’ calm demeanor and talk of surveillance, but I am not. We have had government vaccine surveillance in our country for decades and look where that has gotten us. She seems to be saying vaccinate first, let’s start with the children, track later and keep fingers crossed all the while. Is this a strategy? Is anyone else taken aback by the incredible speed with which governments and industry at home and all over the world are stepping in line with the World Health Organization to mobilize in this one direction? Our government, the very same government which shockingly and miserably failed the people of New Orleans and environs during and after Hurricane Katrina, purports to come to our rescue with a grand plan. Be very afraid.

The entire Vaccine Establishment – FDA, CDC, AAP, AMA, vaccine industry and the charitable organizations they fund and front – are all gearing up for one heck of a time. They are hoping for a media circus the likes of which we have never seen. With Chicken Little running amok in DC, perhaps that is all most of us will need to get in line and roll up our sleeves. In our panicked frenzy to escape the vile swine contagion, will we remember to stop and ask if this make any sense at all?


MONEY. Is this truly a good use of scarce and precious funds? Two people die and we immediately cough up over $1 billion to develop a swine flu vaccine? Follow the money trail, see who makes out like robber barons and decide how you feel about it. This is the real story.

HEALTH. What’s in the shots? Are new adjuvants being used? Have the ingredients and the shot itself been adequately safety tested? What are the long-term health effects of this shot on adults and children?

PANDEMIC. What’s the straight story on this pandemic? Most seem to say it’s not deadly. Even the CDC admits it lacks the deadly genes which made the 1918 pandemic so deadly. Most seem to be saying that adults and children with underlying medical conditions are most vulnerable. And hospitalization rates are higher in kids who get flu shots. Whoa! Doesn’t this all seem a tad bit precipitous? Are vaccines the only tool we have to resist disease? Will we consider devoting funds to share what we already know about old and new ways to strengthen the immune system? Or must it always be about the next new miracle drug? And do we always have to start with the children?

CHILDREN. American kids are already chronically ill and neurodevelopmentally damaged in unprecedented numbers. They already receive 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18. We’re too busy, too stressed, too broke, too preoccupied, too sedated, too medicated, too oblivious to muster enough outrage on behalf of our children. The childhood numbers are 1 in 3 obesity, 1 in 5 learning disabilities, 1 in 9 asthma, 1 in 15 ADHD, 1 in 26 food allergies, 1 in 60 autism (just wait until the CDC updates its numbers), 1 in 150 seizures, 1 in 450 diabetes. We haven’t devoted serious funds to research why our kids are so sick and how to develop real solutions worthy of a First World country that put a man on the moon 40 years ago. In contrast, we immediately pony up $1 billion dollars to develop a vaccine for a disease that doesn’t appear deadly. Does anyone else find this troubling?

SCIENCE. Where is it? You assume it’s there but it’s not. Read about the studies our government holds up as proof that vaccines and their ingredients are safe. For how much longer will we continue to accept the complete absence of double blind, placebo-controlled, longitudinal studies on vaccination? Our government has approved seven new studies on vaccines and autism. How curious to hear that there’s more to be learned about vaccine safety. Might we have ordered up these studies before ramping up the schedule of shots three-fold over the past 25 years?

FREEDOM. Should we be forced to get these shots? Check out what the ACLU says about the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act . It has been passed in part or in whole by at least 44 states. Do you know what powers your state’s governor and other public officials have in the event a state of emergency is declared? Here’s the deal in NJ. No checks and balances, scope extends way beyond bioterrorism, silent about the most basic privacy protections. Will your politicians use these powers judiciously? If they don’t, will it be too late to do something about it?


We’ve been told for decades now that vaccines are both effective and held to the highest standards of safety (CDC). But if you care to peek at the man behind the curtain, you’ll find:

1) The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), our government’s main method of post-licensure surveillance, which has been documented to capture less than 5% of all bad things that happens after vaccines.

2) The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. If they’re so safe, why do we pay families when children are killed and injured after vaccines?

3) Vaccine package inserts. If they’re so safe, why are there so many adverse events that occur in temporal association after vaccination? You can also find this information under Biologics in the Physician’s Desk Reference. They say that no causal relationship has been established. Is that meant to be comforting? Don’t play word games with us. No evidence of harm does not equate to proven safe. Where does the burden of proof rest?

4) The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which protects vaccine makers against most liability from death and injury caused by vaccines. If vaccines are so safe, why the need to protect industry and force the injured to endure a frustrating, onerous, drawn out process which can only be described as amateur hour? Why not allow parents to sue industry with dignity, the way our justice system is meant to work? We’ve succeeded in removing the most important motivation for Pharma to create safer vaccines for our children. Why on earth would we want to do that?

5) The Omnibus Autism Proceedings, a group of nearly 5,000 families who allege that vaccines caused their children’s descent into autism. If they’re so safe, why do hundreds of thousands of families share disconcertingly similar stories about how their children were thriving before the shots and became ill or autistic after their shots. Why do we shut so many of these families out of “Vaccine Court” with the most stringent statute of limitations around (three years). How many parents trust our government when we are told that vaccines are safe? How many thought to blame vaccines when their child received an autism diagnosis 10 or 20 years ago?

If vaccines are so safe, why won’t the controversy go away? If our government is so committed to preservation of the childhood vaccination program, why won’t they pay for the right kind of research – comprehensive, professional, large scale and independent – to prove its safety once and for all?


We’re starting to hear some backpedaling in the courts and hallowed halls of government, medicine and industry. Oh, you’ve misunderstood us. It’s not precisely that vaccines are safe. We never said they’re 100% safe. We’ve said that they are safe enough.

Vaccine are unavoidably unsafe. Yeah, that’s it. Product liability lawyers will argue that unavoidably unsafe products aren’t by their nature dangerous. They’re just incapable of being made safe for their intended and ordinary use. (Huh?) The benefits of the product outweigh the risks of danger. (Says who?) Those children harmed and killed by vaccines are sadly collateral damage, injured in the line of duty, so to speak. (Are you kidding me?) It’s a darn shame. But the rest of us are safer because of it. Vaccines are sufficiently useful to warrant the risk associated with their use.

Tell this to a parent with a vaccine-injured child and you’ll find out quickly enough why there’s a tremendous amount of anger, passion and emotion around this topic.


No one has a crystal ball. But it doesn’t look good. Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Research state laws. Find out what your state laws permit. What can your state do in the event of an emergency? Do you have the philosophical exemption to vaccines?
  2. Contact your political leadership. Write, call, meet with your Governor, Assembly Speaker, Senate President and your local state legislators. Contact Obama, Sebelius, your Congressmen and Senators. Tell them in no uncertain terms that they have crossed the line and you will not allow your freedoms to be taken away.
  3. Vote. Find out where the candidates stand and, for crying out loud, get out and VOTE! Support the ones who are brave enough to challenge Pharma. If we’re living in an insane world, it’s because we haven’t seen fit to elect the right leaders. Who’s to blame for this? More than anything, politicians want to be elected. Tell them how you’ll vote and they will pay attention.
  4. Attend. Sign up for NVIC’s Fourth International Public Conference. If thousands show up at the doorstep of Capitol Hill to participate in this conference, that would send a message.
  5. Organize. Old-fashioned grassroots advocacy works. Coupled with new-fangled technology, your voice can go viral (no pun intended) and reach more people than ever before.
  6. Support. Volunteer and donate to the organizations dedicated to awareness and advocacy.
  7. Deep six your vaccinating, drug-pushing doctor. Research alternative health practitioners and alternative health treatments and products that are proven to boost the immune system. Our experts have never been able to explain why some people don’t succumb to disease during a pandemic.
  8. Homeschool.
  9. Move.
  10. Be smart. Eat for health. Exercise. Laugh. Pray. Hold your children close.


  1. Amy,
    You are correct waivers are not protected by the constitution however forcing vaccines on someone is against the constitution and is covered under the constitutional amendment number 4. Here is the exact quote to the amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons … shall not be violated,”

    Personally, I don’t think this mandatory vaccine is going to come to completion. More and more news is coming out about the dangers of it already; as well as the COI (conflict of interest) in Baxter drug cartels having a patent for this vaccine a full YEAR before this supposed accidental outbreak. There will be options though for those who refuse to accept it or allow their children to have it. Three weeks of voluntary quarantine. For me and mine we will take the quarantine.

    My children will NEVER be vaccinated again with drug cartel poisons.

  2. unfortunatly wavers are not going to help anyone in this situation. this is a level 6 pandemic and the WHO can basicly start marshal law and force everyone to vaccinate if that it what they choose. these wavers are not in the constitution, that is why not all states have them available (i think its wv and mo who only have medical wavers?)it is up to each state individually to say if they want wavers or not. but the WHO has higher power then the states. think about it.

  3. Lin,
    No we don’t live in a communist country. Our country is going socialist now. Can you imagine the federal government making our medical decisions for us? Well, come July 31st if the senate does what Obama wants that is exactly what will begin. Remember the date; it will be very important to us.

  4. I am steaming.
    They want to give children the swine flu shot first..
    No, all the world bankers, politicians, and government leaders and their children take it first.
    If they have no negative side effects in five years..the public might consider taking it (with their own free will.)

    No one forces anyone to take vaccines, shots or anything. Do we live in a communist country?

  5. Karen,

    Luckily my son goes to a school for children with autism and we took religious waiver when we enrolled him in kindergarten. We pulled our daughter out of public school at the end of 6th grade due to lack of performance on both the school districts and daughters part. We have been cyber-schooling her ever since. We also have religious waiver for her as well.

  6. You’ll never see an outbreak of autism like you’re gonna see after this !! The only good that can come of this is that more people wake up to the lies and corruption.

    My kids will be pulled from the school system before they can do this to my children.

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