Posted by: debstake | June 22, 2009

Gun Control Laws…Just who is being protected by them?

There was a time when I was all for gun control and I cheered when the Brady Bill passed in 1994. However, that was then and we didn’t live in a country where the government is slowly stripping us of our constitutional rights. Yes, that is correct the right to own a gun is protected under the constitution. It is the second amendment; preceded by freedom of speech, press and religion. The second amendment reads as follows:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

An excellent website for the facts on gun control and what it has done to minimize the use of guns can be found HERE.

I am terribly afraid that my conspiracy theorist mind is being validated by the reality of the life of an American today. I remember sitting around the table with my now deceased brother-in-law talking about the state of our nation. This would have been 1989 up to the time he passed on, in 2004. We used to talk about the next revolution. The revolution of the American people taking control back from the american government. It amazes me how concerned we were about the Iran Contra and Oliver North fiasco. After the past eight years and the first six months of a shaky start for the new administration we now look back on the Regan days as the “good old” days. How we look back now as a whole nation, the way I looked at the Clinton and Lewinsky scandal as it was happening. Hey, if Hillary can deal with it then the rest of the nation shouldn’t concern itself too much with it. Clinton committed perjury and I understand that, however compared with things previous leaders of this nation have done over the course of  this countries history his lying under oath is nothing compared to the crimes committed by others. Look at FDR‘s actions in office.  And how about the moron that just left office? George W Bush along with Dick Cheney are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. All anyone has to do is google what ever administration you want to check out and you will find one common thread that runs through them all (save one in my lifetime). Deceit, lies and criminal activity. Nixon was the one stupid enough to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

In 1929 the population of this country was 121,767,000. They had, at the height of the great depression (1933) 24.9 percent unemployment. So that was approximately 30 million people unemployed. Compare that to today’s (as of May 9, 2009) figures of unemployment percentages of 8.9 percent or 13.7 million souls of a population of 306,590,016. We are, in one year at the same place (in 1930 unemployment was 8.7 percent) our grandparents (my parents actually) were. This is or should be a very frightening thought. Primarily, because it took involvement in world war two to get this nation out of the economic slump it was in. This “recession” is increasing at twice the speed of the “great” depression. And the time line of that depression was from 1929 thru to the end of world war two (1945).  This recession is actually a depression. If our politicians don’t want to admit what everyone already knows then that’s on them.

I believe the federal government views the American people of today as some kind of domestic threat. Never since the Revolutionary war has there been an uprising of the citizenry against its government. The fact that it can happen again keeps the federal government closed and cautious to the people who put them into office in the first place. Keep in mind that at the time of the Revolutionary war America in its infancy was owned by the King of England.  The reason for the war was lack of representation in Parliament. So what is different from then until now? I would say lack of representation in our own federal government is a way of life for the Washington bureaucrat. And our government remembers they learned from history well and they remember what happened when the common citizen owned weapons.


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