Posted by: debstake | June 25, 2009

Irish Luck

Irish Pot of Gold

I was born to Irish  and German parents. My mother was was 100% Irish and my father (the man whose name is on my pre-adoption birth certificate) was half Irish and half German. I am VERY proud of my heritage  and express it in what I wear, what decorates my home and what adorns my car.The one thing I never seemed to have though was the luck of the Irish. I never won a dime in lotteries, never found more than a five dollar bill laying in the street and never had any ability that may be perceived as being “lucky”. Well, it appears to me now that my Irish luck was accumulating for my children and not for me.

The reason I so believe this is the case for JR and Samantha is because of the vaccines that they both got until Rodney and I wised up and stop putting our faith in the american government to protect our children (the FDA) the american government recommendations (the CDC) and those that just went along (the medical and  the educational establishments). I often think that with one more vaccine JR could be dead and Sam herself could actually be on the spectrum. When Sam was an infant we were actually going to get her the chicken pox vaccine. It was a relatively new vaccine back in 94; the year Sam was born. Back then as now the child had to be a minimum of 1 year old. Well in March of 95 when Sam was 9 months old she acquired chicken pox the best way that you can; by natural exposure. So that vaccine wasn’t needed. She did of course continue on with the remainder of the recommended vaccine schedule. Now she has ADHD. ADHD is a close cousin to autism.

And of course where JR is concerned he opened my eyes to what autism truly is and the causes of it. Again my children have been my greatest teachers and are my heroes. So all though my Irish luck may not exist I like to belive that maybe it got passed to my children. God knows in these uncertain times they need it.



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