Posted by: debstake | June 28, 2009

Why Aren’t We Screaming From the Rooftops…..


Over on Age of Autism there is an article I just got done reading titled “You Don’t Say – But Maybe You Should“. The individual who wrote the article is writing about the vaccine issue surrounding autism and the discomfort she feels bringing up the subject around family and friends. Personally, I don’t understand this attitude. Maybe it’s just my personality type, I don’t care about political correctness and I never have. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

I have stopped people with young infants or children who are showing auto-immune reactions (allergies, eczema, diabetes, etc etc) and especially expectant mothers in church, in the grocery store, at the park, where ever the situation presents itself and I begin to tell them the dangers of vaccines. I tell them what happened to both my children because of their childhood vaccines and give them a business card that I carry with me at all times. On the card it clearly states that I am an autism and vaccine awareness advocate. My contact information is on the card which includes my phone number, e-mail address ( which itself says it all for me, website address ( and this blog address.

I do this because I believe it is my obligation to inform as many people as possible that vaccines are dangerous, that parents are not being informed of all these dangers, and that there are waivers available in all states to keep a child from being vaccinated against the will of the parents. This is too important an issue to worry about political correctness. Yes, over the course of the years I have lost a few friends, especially those working in the healthcare industry who have been brainwashed into thinking that vaccines are the holy grail of the medical establishment. I don’t care because I know when I go to bed at night that I have done my part to inform. I never tell anyone not to vaccinate. I do tell them I would NEVER vaccinate my children again. In the course of the conversation I also warn them about the environmental contributions as well as the pesticide use and the genetic predisposition of this issue.

I believe this is my obligation because I refuse to believe that what happened to my children was done in vain. God has his plan for this generation of children and their parents and I believe it is to stop this soulless bastards (fill in the blank as to which soulless bastards I am referring to) from continuing to injure our children. We are at WAR and those who are doing nothing basically are saying “it’s ok, do what you want”. To me that is unacceptable. What these establishments have done to our children, here in america and around the globe is nothing short of crimes against humanity.This is a legal definition of it: “Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.” If what our children have suffered isn’t crimes against humanity by this definition then nothing is. The vaccine program is an intentional act that has caused great suffering,  to the point of death and serious bodily/mental injury.I will do what I can to correct this injustice. If everyone did what they could and started looking at the big picture this “autism”  vaccine issue would be resolved by now. And it makes me sick to think that because of the silence we as a community may be just as guilty of these crimes as those who have inflicted the suffering.

A friend of mine had this to say in the reader’s comment section of the article Let’s all try to remember that silence=more damage. Our hesitation to speak the truth is Pharma’s best friend.” And she couldn’t be more right. The drug cartels are banking on the hope that we will feel too uncomfortable talking about this topic in “polite company”. Well it’s time that as a community we grow a set of brass ones, and stopped worrying about offending others. The insanity won’t stop until we do.


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