Posted by: debstake | July 17, 2009

Vaccine Court: Will There Ever Be Any Justice?….The Answer is: Possibly

It appears the federal circuit court has reversed the vaccine court in a claim made that the DTP vaccine triggered seizures in an 8 week old infant. The victim of the seizures is Enrique Andreu. The seizures began the day after the vaccine was given. The vaccine court said there was no connection. Now I am no doctor but I really don’t see how the connection can be ignored. And ignoring is exactly what the special master assigned to the case did. HERE is the pdf file of the appeal to federal court. And HERE is the verdict on the appeal. As a side note but related to the entire vaccine court proceedings I discovered another pdf file concerning the navigation through the vaccine court. HERE is the document. This is a very informative document and if you have a claim in vaccine court it is a MUST read.

With the official overturning of the vaccine court ruling in the Andreau case there may be serious hope for the three test cases Michelle Cedillo et al. Even though the Andreau case was not one of the test cases it gives those of us waiting for justice hope. And hope after all is what the human condition is all about.


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