Posted by: debstake | August 21, 2009

The Hippocratic Oath


I am and have always been a huge fan of the television show M*A*S*H. About 20 years Rodney, my husband bought me a book one Christmas that depicts every episode of M*A*S*H. There were 251 episodes in the shows 11 year run (1972-1983). The book appropriately is called “The Complete Book of M*A*S*H”. In my opinion this show was the huge success it was because in part, it was the timing of the show. We were in Vietnam at the beginning of the show’s run and the American people were sick and tired of the death and destruction of that war. Yeah, I know Vietnam like Korea were never “officially” declared as wars. Korea was referred to as a “police action” and as Klinger said in one episode “you make it sound like we’re over hear arresting people”.  Vietnam was called a “conflict” I guess calling them by these other terms some how made it easier to swallow if you authorized them and easier to deal with if you were a family stateside waiting.  Who knows what went through the minds of politicians then. No one knows what goes through the minds of today’s politicians any better.

I know you are probably wondering what the hell does M*A*S*H have to do with autism, thimerasol, vaccinations and the wars we as parents have been waging, some for more than 20 years.  Aside from the obvious fact that we as caregivers to our loved ones who are living with autism; are fighting a “war”, against our own government, medical community and the drug cartels what makes me make the connection is on the first page of the book. The hippocratic oath. I believe this is one of the few sources that contains the actual oath without it having been altered to accommodate a personal agenda. Here is the oath in it’s entirety word for word.


“I swear by Apollo the healer, by Aesculapius, by health and all the powers of healing, and call to witness all the gods and goddesses that I may keep this OATH and PROMISE to the best of my ability and judgement.

I will pay the same respect to my master in the Science as to my parents and share my life with him and pay all my debts to him. I will regard his sons as my brothers and teach them the Science, if they desire to learn it, without fee or contract. I will hand on precepts, lectures and all other learning to my sons, to those of my master and to those pupils duly apprenticed and sworn and to none other.

I will use my power to help the sick to best of my ability and judgement; I WILL ABSTAIN FROM HARMING OR WRONGING ANY MAN BY IT.

I will not give a fatal draught to anyone if I am asked, nor will I suggest any such thing. Neither will I give a woman means to procure an abortion.

I will be chaste and religious in my life and in my practice.

I will not cut, even for the stone, but I will leave such procedures to the practitioners of that craft.

Whenever I go into a house, I will go to help the sick and never with the intention of doing harm or injury. I will not abuse my position to indulge in sexual contacts with the bodies of men or of women, whether they be slaves or freemen.

Whatever I see or hear, professionally or privately, which ought not be divulged, I will keep secret and tell no one.

If, therefore, I observe this Oath and do not violate it, may I prosper both in my life and in my profession earning good repute among all men for all time. If I transgress and forswear this Oath, may my lot be otherwise.

Now after reading this oath there are several areas where today’s medical professional is not only disregarding the words but actually breaking its laws. The abstaining from harm is a big one as far as the vaccine issues are concerned. Vaccines do in fact cause GREAT harm and not just in the form of autism. Think of all the children today that are being diagnosed with cancer (carcinogens are common toxins added to vaccines as “preservatives” ), juvenile diabetes. Vaccines have NEVER been tested for safety or effectiveness. And it’s rather apparent they are not effective or there would be no  need to boosters.

The abortion portion of the oath I was not aware of but again the laws of this oath are now being broken thanks to the Supreme Courts ruling of Roe vs Wade. In my opinion not only are doctors committing a crime based on the very oath they take they are committing MURDER. I know there are extenuating circumstances for every rule; but I also know women who use abortion as a form of birth control. That is bothersome to me.

Ok, I will get off my soapbox now and post this blog entry so you all can come to your own conclusions.


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