Posted by: debstake | September 6, 2009

I have to wonder is this a good thing or not?

Obama sinister

I was more than willing to give our current president a chance at undoing all the damage that the idiot Bush caused. And I know that 8 months isn’t a very long time. However, I have very uneasy feelings about this administration, this president and these times we live in. Are they Obama’s fault?  Some of them, yes I believe they are. Giving my tax money to an industry that pays their CEO’s multi-million dollar bonuses AFTER they get the bailout money really bothers me. The health care plan he’s trying to get passed is also bothersome and misinformation is flying every where. Who do you believe? And now this autism screening issue is another thing that causes me concern. And obviously I am not the only one concerned either.

Someone posted on facebook yesterday an article concerning autism screening on Obama’s medical to-do list. The article can be found HERE. There was much debate on this. Those who oppose Obama feel this screening may be a way to weed out those the administration doesn’t want to provide health care to. After reading THIS (especially “page 354” I can understand that concern.

My concern goes even deeper than being denied health care. My concern goes to the very core of life. Following is what I wrote as my contribution to this topic.

“Anyone who thinks Obama is an idiot is under estimating him. He is inexperienced yes, probably isn’t even eligible to be president, but he is not an idiot. He is very cunning and dangerous. Look at this Obama youth group movement he is trying to get started. That just smacks of Hitler’s youth movement.

My SIL’s mom is from Essine Germany and she grew up during the years preceding WW2. She said initially the Hitler youth movement was like our boy and girl scouts!! But it turned sinister pretty quick. The kids were brainwashed into turning in people who didn’t agree with Hilter. These people included these children’s own parents! And of course Hitler had them murdered.

So please don’t assume Obama is an idiot. He is far from that. Which makes him 10 times more dangerous than Bush ever was.”

“@Kim K; I think you are correct too ( concerning the screen process that actually take benefits away from our children). However, take it one step farther. There are VERY sinister reasons to screen too. Remember what Hitler did to those who were mentally retarded, or physically disabled? If you don’t check out this link:

scroll to the topic that begins with “The T-4 Euthanasia Programme” and you will understand my concern about the Obama screenings.

Based on what I have read of past treatment of those with disabilities I say it is a VERY good thing that autism is NOT part of this Obamacare health care plan. I do not support this in any way.

People may consider me an alarmist but I have read enough to know that america is going the way of Nazi Germany and that scares the hell out of me...

I think the comparison between the history of Nazi Germany and what is happening here in america is a legitimate one. Being married to Rodney who knows as much about the era and world war two that he could teach this topic on the college level has exposed me to all kinds of information about Hitler and his treatment of those who were different. More exposure than I had ever wanted, believe me.  Now; though with this nation going that way I am glad I do know what I know.

The more reading Ido on this subject the more concern I have for the issue. Never in my wildest dreams did I think when the Berlin wall came down in 1989 that we would ever have to worry about these events occurring here in america. I was concerned about them occurring in Germany once the wall was down. But never did I even think these events could happen here.

I truly don’t know what to make of Obama’s actions thus far. I don’t want to think the worst but knowing what I know it lays at the back of my mind. I think if an autism “registration” becomes a mandate I think that will be the time to do something. A registration for a particular disability can only mean trouble. I know I won’t be registering my child in it.

There are many things about this administration that bother me. I really don’t know why yet. But I guess time will tell what will come to pass. My only warning to anyone is stay alert. These are changing times. Changing and dangerous. We must be ever diligent to maintain what freedoms we still have and to fight to get back the ones we have lost so far.


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