Posted by: debstake | December 3, 2009

Hope is a very fragile thing

I am the first person to tell a parent who has a child with autism to never give up hope. I am the person whose hope for JR’s recovery has never wavered. I know as a family we will survive whatever is thrown at us because we are a united front and we are strong and large if not in size in spirit and fortitude. JR’s recovery is a direct result of that strength and fortitude. And it’s not that hope that this entry is about.

The hope; or more accurately lack of hope; I refer to is the hope for this insanity to stop. The insanity is the vaccine program. There are still parents who refuse to see the truth about the dangers of the vaccine program. Some of these parents are those with children with autism. Case in point; a pregnant mom with a child on the spectrum not only allowed her son to be vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine she got the vaccine as well! This after I told her about the danger; this after I directed her to this very blog that has the insert of the H1N1 vaccine dangers. I don’t understand how a person can see the “hand writing on the wall” and still refuse to believe what they are seeing. Even at JR’s school there are parents entertaining the idea of vaccinating their all ready vaccine injured children with the H1N1 vaccine. And when my husband and I try to point these same parents to the truth the moderator of the vista family yahoo group refuses to publish our posts. When you can’t reach even these people it seems rather pointless to even try. And don’t even get me started on the bio-medical approach that has helped JR in so many ways. It just blows my mind that the first PTO meeting of the new school year was canceled because I wanted to broach this subject at the meeting. I find it humorous that I have that kind of power over people who don’t even believe in bio-medical to begin with.

The other lose of hope stems from the government REFUSING  to do anything about this issue. Instead we have a president who wants to begin a national autism registry. If that doesn’t smack of Nazi Germany I don’t know what does. Especially with his socialist slant on what is best for our country. We have agencies within the government who are SUPPOSE to be overseeing the health and welfare of the American people. What do they do instead? Take money from the very industry that is largely responsible for this explosion of autism. We have another agency who is suppose to be recommending only the SAFEST and most needed vaccines. and what are they doing? Taking money from the industry responsible in large part for this explosive epidemic.

And to what level will the drug cartels sink??? Check it out HERE. It is my belief and has been for years now that the drug cartels are trying to do one of two things; kill us out right (Codex Alimentarius ring any bells???) or make us so sick that the stupid sheeple will turn to them for treatment!

I have been talking now for 8 years about the dangers of vaccines. I am tired of talking, writing and blogging about a subject that most people could care less about. Those that do care are the ones living with vaccine reactions either directly or via their children. The ones we need to reach are the ones who could care less. It seems like I am talking to a brick wall most of the time. I am tired; tired of wasting my breath and my time. It is a big reason why I shut down after 7 years my own yahoo group dealing primarily with the issues of autism and vaccinations.

I will NEVER give up HOPE for my children and our family. I have given up TOTALLY the hope for justice from a corrupt government and a drug cartel that has more power and money than God or so it seems. The diagnosis rate for autism is currently 1 in 100, apparently it still isn’t high enough for the government to get off its lazy ass and do something. What’s it going to take? A diagnosis rate of 1 in 50, 1 in 25, or 1 in 10. I would wager the 1 in10 will get the attention of our government, but by then it will be way too late.



  1. I know exactly what you mean. It’s so sad, but I believe the rate will continue to increase. Not sure when it’ll get the government’s attention, though.

  2. The rate already has the governments attention. The fact is they don’t CARE enough to do anything about it. They refuse to do a study on vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. They refuse to investigate the government agencies responsible for the epidemic. They refuse to investigate the drug cartels for their practices. They refuse to investigate the conflict-of-interest that goes on not just within the drug cartels but within the government itself. We must protect our children at any cost! The government isn’t going to it so we the parents must by any means necessary.

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