Posted by: debstake | February 17, 2010

iPods on the way…A New Journey

begins. In actuality it has already begun. JR’s speech therapist at Vista has already begun probing his abilities. Since what she used did NOT contain the P2G application the end results were that he has a basic interest in the touch itself. We both feel however, once he begins to associate the touch as an AAC; just like his dynavox; then his interest will grow as well.

We (meaning Dad, Jen (the SLP at Vista) and myself) have already been discussing other apps that can be added to the touch. My wish list consists of the following: BehaviorTrackerPro. This app is $30.00 but well worth it if there is a child in your life that has behavior issues. Even for those with low incidence of behaviors it’s really nice to see a graph chart indicating early on behavior issues that are appearing in a  pattern. ANYONE can benefit from this application. The application is put out by a group known as Marz Corporation. I have been able to find something HERE. On the website the creators have listed their telephone numbers.

Some other apps I would like to see on JR’s touch include, Visules. This is a picture schedule application. It will take the individual from rising to bedtime. The creator (Dean Huff) is (of course) the father of a child with an ASD. Mr Huff’s website can be found HERE. The cost of this application is $5.00.

There a few applications to aide with letter recognition, sound and placement that I am interested in as well. The costs are from $5.00 down to a dollar.

I am going to writing about this new adventure. In part to calm the anxiety of those who aren’t going on what their gut is telling them, but instead need the process to be written out for them. Also in part to track JR’s progress. I never tracked his progress that closely when he was beginning with the Dynavox, so I want to correct that mistake. I am truly interested in how he learns this and how long it takes. Also the occasional glitch along the way.

The iPod is due to be delivered on the 22nd  of this month. I will contact JR’s SLP and we shall move forward on a new (exciting some what scary) journey.



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