Posted by: debstake | February 20, 2010

iPods Arrived

Yesterday, the 19th of February. I contacted Vista immediately with the intent on speaking with JR’s SLP. She was out yesterday but will receive my message first thing Monday morning. So far that’s it; however if mine and Rodney’s iPods are any indication of what these little machines can do then I foresee new possibilities for all of us.

That makes me excited for JR as he gains in independence. And it makes me worry too for the gains in independence that JR is going to gain. This could be a doubled edge sword if I allow it to be. But I also know I can’t stop him from growing up. Being my last child you have no idea how much I would like to freeze time. That too is a selfish want that is best served unmet.

I am very excited for what is coming our way.


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