Posted by: debstake | February 24, 2010

days 2 and 3 with the iPod…..UPDATED

22 FEB 10

Jen the SLP called me this morning after reading my message that JR’s iPod has arrived. She made a recommendation of an app for JR. It’s called iPrompts and can be found at the iTunes store. The cost is $50.00 though. THIS link is on you tube and it includes parental feedback on the apps use. If the link doesn’t work just type in the youtube search engine the words “iPrompts Workable Picture Based Communication”. The website of the developer can be found HERE. To the SLP and myself the fact that the company has technical support is a HUGE selling feature for this particular app.

JR hasn’t had any access to the iPod as of yet. I didn’t want him to not have any interest in it before we began working with it. And let’s face it the standard apps that come with it wouldn’t hold my interest let alone that of a child with ADHD and autism. But tomorrow it goes to school and this iPromopts app will be installed and I can tinker around with it.


23 FEB 10

The iPod went into to school yesterday so Jen could load up some apps from her account. When it came home we didn’t have wi-fi capabilities on it any longer. I have taken care of that issue and the wi-fi is back. According to some e-mails passing back and forth between me and Jen the SLP at school when JR saw her getting the touch out of his book bag he wasn’t very happy about her taking this from him. Keep in mind this was even before he used the unit. This is exactly what she wrote concerning her taking the touch from his book bag:

“Actually, he saw me take it out of his book bag today and started screaming and getting upset that I was taking it – he seems to know already, without using it, that this is important and is taking ownership of it already – which is what he does with his Dynavox. This is great, and is a skill that is VERY hard to teach a child (actually, JR is without question the most protective and proud device owner in the school!) :)”

Last night he was playing with the one app called abc animals and the only thing that the user needs to do is learn how to “turn the pages”. The program is self driven where the name of the animal is announced along with the beginning letter of each name. A very simple and basic app designed for a toddler/pre-schooler to teach them  to work the device itself. He really seemed to enjoy that one a lot and was trying to say the letters! Jen said the P2G app wouldn’t get added until he gets comfortable with the touch itself. I came back to her suggesting that the app is what is going to make him comfortable with the touch. She came back with all though she agrees with me the P2G is what is going to make him comfortable since the school is paying for the app they want to see some data on the child’s ability to manipulate the various other programs first. With P2G costing almost $200.00 a pop and a good many of the kids at school are getting these now I can understand their reasoning. I can understand it fine, I just don’t like it….LOL

JR is a computer wizard and loves high tech gadgets so I really don’t see a huge issue with comfort using the touch. Is my son the next Bill Gates? Who knows but this journey is going to be fun to be a part of. I wondered when he was younger if he had a “gift” or savant abilities for anything and I began to worry some (I’m a mom worrying is part of the job criteria) when he didn’t show any real interest in anything except his movies. Two things happened last year almost back to back;

1. he got his own desktop computer for watching his movies (those portable DVD players just didn’t hold up to the use my boy gave them).

2. I loaded zac browser ( onto his computer.

BOOM!!! you would think a whole new world opened up for him. And probably in his mind that is exactly what happened. So here we are a year later and his talents and abilities are starting to shine through. I believe this touch is just going to cement them even deeper.

So this is the first “official” entry for JR using his new touch. This is very exciting stuff. I will continue to write as frequently as is needed to keep people up to speed.


25 FEB 10

Last night I was tinkering with JR’s touch and I discovered that opposite what I had been told; there is a way to turn off the movie feature on the touch. Following are the instructions for turning off/on the movie feature:

From the main screen: click settings

From settings: click general

From general: (scroll up a bit) click restrictions. Here you will need a 4 digit pin number in order to open the restriction menu.

After putting in your pin number (twice the first time) it takes u to the restrictions menu.

In restrictions: scroll up a bit until you see the word movies.

From the movies area you can select what movies based on ratings that you will allow to be uploaded to the touch. At the very top of that screen are the words: Don’t allow movies.

There are others things that can be restricted as well as SueM indicated to me a little while back when I asked about this.

Now we won’t all have to be buying 2 iPods for our kids.



  1. Impressive!. Impressive!.

  2. Hi! I love this! JR is going to be best friends with that iPod Touch!! My 5 year old (a tech wizard in his own right) fell madly in love with my iPhone in minutes!

    One nice thing about the iPhones and iPod Touches is that like all computers, they allow us work and play on the same device. I see that as advantage for our children. I will have Gabe go through a Model Me Going Places slide show first, THEN he gets to play a game. His favorites are Rolando, Bounce On, and Trace. Trace, I highly recommend in terms of creativity, interactivity and problem solving. Gabe gets a little too involved with it sometimes and is afraid his computer character is in real danger and he is to blame, poor, sweet, little fellow, but I use it as a teaching opportunity and can often walk him through. I also have been able to use the iPhone as a teaching tool for socially and emotionally connecting with me, which is often hard for him. If he is withdrawn and non-verbal, I often can wave the iPhone and play “damsel in distress,” “Gabe, Mommy cannot get this app to work.” My knight in shining armor perks up, “It OK Mommy, I hepp you.” and he will come right over and we’ll work through the challenge together. Its amazing.

    In a few weeks, I am actually slated to do a piece on Gabe’s top 5 favorite iPhone apps for our site, and it will be a lot of fun to write. I am excited for you and JR as he embarks on this journey with this amazing piece of tech!

    All best!

  3. Amanda, Again thanks for commenting on this entry. My goal in keeping this blog journal concerning the iPod and the P2G app is to educate others that these little devices can be a HUGE aide in bringing our children to a comfortable level in the world they must learn to navigate. I also want people to realize how easy these devices and this app is to use. JR is already best friends with the touch and that happened before he even got his own! He’s a computer wiz kid (like so many of the kids on spectrum) and he loves high-tech gadgets.

    I would love to read the piece you are writing. If you would send it to me via private e-mail to:

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