Posted by: debstake | March 2, 2010

Proloquo 2 Go Video Tutorials

I  have decided to make viewing all the P2G tutorials easily assessable via my blog. These are all on you tube. If you are having issues viewing the videos on you tube you can access them all HERE.



  1. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for the tutorials. I’m sure a lot of people enjoyed them.

    I found your blog while searching for unique and helpful content on autism.  I think you could benefit from sharing your personal story to those seeking connection to other people who are in similar situations regarding autism. Wellsphere’s HealthBlogger Network (HBN) is comprised of over 3,000 of bloggers who motivate and support each other through 150 communities. 

    For more information about joining, please visit or email me at hua [at] wellsphere [dot] com.

    Director of Blogger Networks

  2. Hua, Thanks for the information but I am already a member of Wellsphere. It seems though that they are not updating my blog there when I write a blog here. Case in point I have well over 100 blogs here. There the number is 67. Now if they are picking and choosing (which I highly doubt as my blog post “I’ve been drafted” is on my account on wellsphere) what I write then that isn’t what I signed up for. I was under the impression that what I wrote here would be added there as well. As a matter of fact Hua you are the person responsible for updating our blog sites if I remember correctly. Also my name is Deb not Kim!

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