Posted by: debstake | July 3, 2010


This Sunday, the 4th of July 2010 the land that I was born in, the land that deep in my heart I love, the country that has been born based on war and oppression, and the government that I have come to hate will be 234 years old. And since a person who writes is supposed to write about what they know then I must speak of the autism and government connection. What the latter has allowed to let flourish by turning a blind eye to the former; and its causes. You see another anniversary is fast approaching this year too. On the 29 of August 2000 my son JR received his diagnosis of AUTISM.

When I sit and reflect over the past 10 years I see things differently now; for better and worse. On a personal level the past 10 years have been for the better. JR’s overall health is so much better. Our understanding of autism is so much better. Our understanding of JR (thanks to people like Temple Grandin and Bill Stillman) is so much better. The improvements in my families character is so much better. The school JR attends is so much better than anything we have in our area and is ranked number 3 in the nation. A milestone achieved in 7 very short years. Number 2 is the Princeton child development institute.  They have been around for 40 years. So on a personal level life is much better.

On a national level, well that is the flip side of the coin. In 10 years time little has improved for our loved ones and our families. In the beginning I was very optimistic for the righting of this (what I thought at the time was an unintentional accidental mistake) horrible wrong. Well after 10 years and government (HHS, CDC, FDA) refusing to fund the study that would put this vaccine issue to bed once and for all I have become very jaded and less than trusting of my (for now) government. The study I am of course referring to is the vaccinated vs unvaccinated population and the incidence of autism in these groups. It could easily have been done with the Amish community. However, today with nearly 40% of parents refusing to vaccinate among the “english” (what the Amish refer to the non-Amish as) this study could now be done without the assistance of the Amish. A percentage by the way that is beginning to get the attention of national and state governments. Mine included.

With the evidence presented by parents of children with autism, Sallie Bernard, Lyn Redwood, Liz Birt, Dr. Alan Clark, and Dr. Bernard Rimland. And also those with no direct connection to autism, Sandy Mintz from vaccination news. As well as David Kirby. And the countless organizations that have helped to connect the dots and still our government, who by the way have reports as well that support the parents position (i.e. The Simpsonwood Transcripts) refuses to lift a finger to either help the families or put an end to this lie. Why? I have my theories, the first being the fall of the house of cards they have built. As a whole the vaccination program is considered the “Holy Grail” of the medical industry. And make no mistake here folks, it is an industry bent on making PROFITS. NOT aiding those who need true medical intervention. From the very beginning of a doctors career, beginning in medical school they are taught not to find the cause of illness but to apply band-aids in the form of; at the very least ineffective to the worst, deadly chemicals. The second proving once and for all that all along they have lied, because they have known. I have written many times in my previous blogs about this issue. I won’t rehash it here again. My blood pressure can’t take much more.

It would also put the spotlight on what a joke vaccine court and it’s rulings truly are. For information on the rulings do a search using “autism, vaccine court rulings”. It truly is sad that people can be so close minded to something so dangerous and obvious. Close minded or bought off, either way it’s a dangerous situation.

For those within the autism community none of what I have written is news to us. Whether we believe in the vaccine theory is irrelevant to this post. What this post is about is; honesty, integrity and responsibilty. But because the former 2 lack so much in our government and those responsible in the private sector the latter is slow in coming.

Honestly, my goal is to educate the uninformed about this issue that so many want to sweep under the rug. I hope I have been successful.


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