Posted by: debstake | July 17, 2010

A Miracle

Over the course of my almost 49 years on this earth I have witnessed at various times some form of miracles. At the time I didn’t always realize what I was witnessing. The most personal and profound miracle has been an on going one. I am speaking of JR’s healing that began when in total frustration and disgust I threw my hands up in the air and said to God “ok Lord I can’t do this by myself. I need help.”  The miracle I am now writing about now ranks right next to JR’s.

It began five years ago when my brother-in-law had his arm crushed in a machine at his work from the elbow down to the finger tips. The crushing didn’t involve bones but nerves. Because of this accident, he had after a year of trying everything else they could think of; installed a morphine pump to feed a constant delivery of morphine. For four years this morphine was doing its job of eliminating his pain. It was also causing a multitude of ulcers in his lower stomach into his colon.

On Wednesday (just three short days ago) he was showing all the symptoms of the flu and that is exactly what our local hospital thought it was on Friday when my sister-in-law took him into the emergency room. They followed the established practices for treating the flu and sent him home. When my sister-in-law contacted the pain doctor who installed the morphine pump they were seen immediately. Apparently his pump had shut off and did not restart itself as it should have. The doctor couldn’t get it restarted either. A technician from the manufacturer came in and hooked the pump up to a computer and found out it stopped working Wednesday. So what was really occurring was morphine withdrawal and thank God it was. Without the pain my brother-in-law would have died. The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways.

He had a surgery where his organs were cleaned of any infection. Other things were also done that I am kind of fuzzy on. The doctors say the next 48 hours are the danger zone. They also said that he was doing better very shortly after the surgery. That is very encouraging.

What saved his life were the morphine pump when it stopped working and his wife when she demanded attention for her husband.



  1. Thanks for sharing. My son is severely autistic and self
    injurious. Go to youtube and type in autism self injurious
    behavior. Morphine was actually a drug that stopped his insane bout
    of SIB, which was rooted in an actue bacterial infection along with
    hyperammonia (caused by depakote, one of his seizure meds). We
    would NOT have known this, had he not had the extreme SIB meltdown,
    been transported by paramedics and while ER doc was struggling to
    find drug to calm our son down, the word “morphine” kept coming up,
    which was the only drug that stopped him from beating himself and
    going crazy, this time, as the self injurious behavior (SIB) was
    rooted in PAIN, not the 45 other things it could be rooted in. So,
    while the experience was a total nightmare, at least it got us to
    ER, where after morphine, he was calm enough to allow lab techs to
    take his blood and thus discover he had hyperammonia (resolved by
    lactalose) and bacterial infection (resolved by anti biotic

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