Posted by: debstake | July 27, 2010

Proloquo2Go….Update and Transitioning

   I just got off the phone with JR’s SLP. The 20 minute conversation was mostly on JR’s mastering of the P2G app. He has  mastered 8 different categories across 5 staff members in his classroom. The one category (requesting the bathroom) no one has taught him! This is outstanding news and again reinforces my son’s intelligence, his reading and comprehension abilities and his ability to teach himself. Jen the SLP, told me that some of the requests need him to page through 6 different pages, and he does it flawlessly.

Food is a reinforcer, but not as strong as it used to be. However, that category is one that has been mastered. And each subcategory (breakfast, dinner, drink, lunch,  and snack). He is mastering colors using his touch. He is mastering the requesting of other reinforcers that he likes. His movies for example, the swing in the gym, a walk or bike ride around the property and the newest one, a bounce castle (that was generously donated by a Vista family) has been newly installed in the school gym. And JR loves those bounce rides.

Transitioning is a new realm of dealing with autism for us. Here at home JR has mastered the feeding of our cat, Abby. He has another category that we added to his P2G labeled pets. There is a single picture in this category of Abby. They are developing a bond from this experience. So  much so that Abby was sleeping with JR the other night. At 5am she decided that she wanted out. Her normal rise time, as she gets up with Rodney on the days he work.

We (namely the corridnator of the transitioning team) and myself  believe there is a possibility of taking the “feeding the house pet” to a wider level. Volunteering at the local human society feeding their cats. I have a call into the human society now pursuing some information on what needs to be done to get JR in there. Time will tell.



  1. Love reading about your son. Helps so much to hear from other parents about how they are using P2Go to help their kiddos. Great idea to build off of him feeding the cat! My daughter isn’t quite old enough to be in the transition stage, but I know it will be here before we know it! Our blog about how we help our daughter grow and learn, and communicate with P2Go and Pictello, is, hope you may get some inspiration for what we’re doing with her, as well!:)

  2. This is a great story. My son has had great success with a PRC augmentative device and is also using the iPad. I was thrilled when he started using his device to ask for activities other than food.

    I’m currently producing a conference, Augcomm New Jersey,, which will address personalizing AAC strategies, vocabulary, etc. to meet the needs of the individual learner.

  3. How great. That is so sweet about Abby. Lots of Love to
    You!! Allie

  4. Thanks Allie. It amazes me how much computers are aiding our kids!!! To think even 10 years ago how limiting communication was for them.

  5. I am trialing an iPad with my students (multiple
    disabilities class students who are all limited verbally). I
    downloaded Proloquo2Go about 2 months ago. I am still learning how
    to use/program it. I have used it with my students on a limited
    basis. I was inspired my this posting about JR’s progress. I was
    wondering if there was a specific way his SLP taught, documented,
    assessed his use of P2G. Any info would be helpful as I see P2G and
    other iPad based programs being the future for some of my students.

  6. I can contact his SLP from last year to see if she can help you. I don’t want 2 put u in touch with this years SLP as she is just learning this all herself.

    I will forward this to last years SLP and give her u’re e-mail address.

  7. Thanks Sam! We think it’s wonderful too.

  8. Terrific to hear!

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